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While your in-house staff is busy with the core customers facing operations functions, all of the administrative tasks can start to pile up.

Back-office support is very important to the overall operations of your business, but your employees simply do not have time to get around. This is where back-office outsourcing comes to the rescue. Not only can it help you get everything organized, it can also save you a lot of money along the way.

Back-Office Support Services

  • Data Entry and Processing

    Manually inputting data into the system is a very time consuming and tedious task. By letting us take care of this for you, you will free up a lot of time that can be better used in more critical aspects of your business.

  • Order Management

    Sending your customers the products they ordered does not have to take up a whole lot of time. We can manage the entire order process for you starting from the inception and all the way to fulfillment.

  • Image/Photo Editing and Cropping

    If the photos that you have are less than perfect, we will work to make them right. Our team members are skilled at using a wide variety of photo editing software and will make sure that each image meets your exact specifications.

  • Content Moderation

    Not all of the content posted by users on your social media and other company pages is suitable for the general public. Some might contain profanity, threats and other unacceptable comments. This is why you need somebody to moderate everything that gets posted. Mindy Support can provide one or a team of moderators depending on your needs.

  • Administrative Support

    Business professionals are very busy with mission critical tasks and they usually do not have time for things like answering phone calls, organizing and scheduling meetings and appointments, maintaining contact lists and other administrative functions. Trust Mindy Support to provide you with as many administrative professionals as you need to get the little things done before they snowball.

Improve your Core Business Functions

By freeing up resources devoted to back-office tasks, you receive a significant business advantage. This money can be used for improving your core business functions and better serving your customers. At the end of the day, you will see an increase in efficiency, productivity and overall business management of your organization.

Why Choose Mindy Support for Back-Office Support

  • We are experienced in handling back-office support tasks

  • We deliver tailored to your unique needs services according to ISO 9001:2015 standards

  • We set KPIs for your project and get them done

  • We provide retention support and free staff replacement

  • We are stable and trusted by several Fortune 500 and GAFAM companies

  • IT & Security systems corresponding to the international standards in accordance with ISO 27001 and worldwide best practices

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Sales & Marketing Support Teams

Let us handle the routine tasks in sales & marketing and focus on the strategic and creative vision. Develop your business, create better awareness, and drive your sales up. We will support your business growth and will take care of lower-level tasks.

We can cover the following:

  • Inbound Sales & Marketing
  • Outbound Sales & Marketing
  • Lead Generation (research, database management)
  • Content management and copywritingм
  • Search engine management (SEO, SEA, SMM)
  • Search engine reputation management (SERM)
  • Email correspondence (Email campaigns: initial letters, follow-ups, answering FAQs)
  • Setting up calls/meetings with prospects
  • Communication with potential customers via email,
  • Linkedin and social media
  • Managing CRM system

Industries Expertise

Case Studies

Learn more about the results we provided to our clients and how it helped them improve business processes, provide better service for their customers and reduce overall costs. All of the experience we have accumulated allows us to implement the best process to ensure a smooth realization of your project.

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