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Data Annotation In Retail

Retailers are finding novel new uses for AI in order to provide their customers with a customized, unforgettable in-store experience. This has become a business-critical mission, as companies need to find creative ways to build relationships with customers and stand out from their competitors. Let’s look at some of the ways in which retailers are using AI to increase business activity:

  • Trying on new clothes

    The old dressing room has become a thing of the past. Now, customers are able to use smart mirrors in store which show them how the cloth will look on them, thus saving a lot of time. The same goes for makeup. Customers can try on ready-made looks or individual products virtually and in the comfort or their own home thus saving them a trip to the store.

  • Personal recommendations

    Have you ever wondered how Netflix, Amazon and other companies always know what you would like to watch and the products you want to buy? The answer is that they use machine learning algorithms that are trained to recognize your specific tastes and preferences.

  • Shelved products detection

    Retailers are now using AI to eliminate repetitive tasks such as checking which items are on the shelves, which allows the employees to be more productive.

  • Drone and robots delivery

    Thanks to new developments in AI, users can get the products they ordered faster because they will be delivered by AI-powered robots who can sort through packages and deliver them faster than humans.

  • Crime prevention/ weapon detection

    Law enforcement officials are starting to rely more on AI powered cameras to detect suspicious activity, identify suspects and detect weapons in stores.

  • In-shop and parking monitoring and face recognition

    Store parking lots are usually open and accessible to anybody, which could make it risky to park your car for an extended period of time. However, facial recognition cameras can put your fears to rest, since they will be able to identify you as the true owner of the car and alert authorities about possible break ins.

  • Threat detection

    The data that is collected by stores from user behaviour can do much more than simply help them sell products. In fact, it could help them keep their store customers safe by identifying potential threats and even preventing them from happening.

  • Intelligent motion detection

    Some of the motions that customers make can provide hints on the customers’ interest level in buying a certain product.

  • Unauthorized access

    There is no need to have a security guard stand outside a door and make sure only authorized individuals access a certain location. An AI-powered facial recognition camera can do this much more efficiently.

Customer Care in Retail

Businesses are starting to use AI more to assist customers because often they are able to assist customers faster than a human can. Customers can become frustrated if it takes a human operator a long time to search for an answer, thus leading to lower engagement and satisfaction rates. AI is capable of helping you provide top-level customer service and build meaningful relationships with your customers.

  • Call center

    Whenever we call into a customer support center, we are usually greeted by a machine which collects basic information and routes your call to an operator. Expect the machine to be able to handle all of your requests
    in the future.

  • Chat-bots

    Not everybody wants to call into customer support to get help with a question. Some people like to chat with a store representative online. However, a lot of times, the person on the end is not a person at all. It is a smart robot who can recognize all of the text and handle your request.

  • Assisting human operators

    AI has the power to scan the CRM or database quickly and find the necessary information the operator needs to handle a client request.

  • Issue escalation

    AI operators can use sentiment analysis to help human operators determine if a particular issue requires escalation. This means that tickets will be marked as “Frustrated”, “Angry” or anything else.

  • Order Management

    This includes managing all aspects of your omnichannel business such as managing the call center, processing the orders managing the CRM and many other tasks.

  • Content Moderation

    Not all of the content that the users submit will be fit for publication. Therefore, you need somebody to moderate everything that was sent in before it is posted on your site.

  • Data Entry

    While data entry is a time consuming and tedious task, it is essential for the day-to-day operation of your business. This is why everything needs needs to be entered in on time and accurately.

  • Dedicated Customer Care teams

    It can be very difficult to focus on your core business functions and have time to respond to customer inquiries. We can assemble a team for you that will provide comprehensive support for keeping your customers happy.

  • Round the Clock Multilingual Teams

    If you have customers spread out over various geographic regions, then you need people working during their business hours and who can speak their language. The teams that Mndy provides can holistically cover all of your customer service needs 24/7 and speak the language of your customers at a high level.

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