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Mindy Support is a global provider of data annotation for LLM and customer service, trusted partner for Fortune 500 and GAFAM companies. With more than ten years of experience under our belt and offices and representatives in Cyprus, Poland, Romania,
The Netherlands, India, OAE, and Ukraine, Mindy Support’s team now stands strong with 2000+ professionals helping companies with their most advanced data annotation challenges.

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Our Story


How It All Started

Mindy Support started its journey in 2013 as a small startup with large potential and ambitions that could support businesses around the world to meet their customer service and data annotation objectives. In 2015, our rapid growth commenced in response to an increasing need for annotation services, as well as back-office, customer, and technical support across various industries.In recent years, we have evolved into a prominent outsourcing partner for Fortune 500 and GAFAM companies.

Throughout these brief years, a strong and enduring partnership with our primary clients has enabled us to advance our expertise, enhance our quality control, and elevate our processes from modest origins to meet global industry standards. Our initial aspiration, aiming to become an indispensable ally for each client we engage with, has come to fruition, underscoring the talent and commitment of our teams in delivering global services.


About Us

Currently, our international team comprises more than 2,000 specialists, with offices and representatives situated in Cyprus, Ukraine, Poland, Bulgaria, India, Philippines, Egypt. This extensive geographical and numerical strength empowers us to provide thorough support to our clients, swiftly initiate and scale up new projects, and ensure seamless business continuity. Our business spans a diverse array of services, including data preparation, data annotation, data collection and quality assurance offerings.


Our Team

Empowering companies worldwide, our team delivers end-to-end data preparation and data annotation services without compromising on quality. Importantly, Mindy Support possesses the ability to quickly scale up operations while maintaining high standards.

Employees find Mindy Support an appealing workplace, as it offers the opportunity to garner valuable experience collaborating with renowned EU and US-based companies, actualize their potential, and achieve their career aspirations. Every team member actively contributes to our ongoing pursuit of excellence, contributing to the maintenance of our esteemed five-star reputation. The enduring partnerships with Fortune 500 and GAFAM companies serve as testament to our teams consistently delivering the level of service expected even by the most discerning clients.

Leadership Team

Igor held several Senior Executive positions leading international IT businesses in C-level roles, running digital transformations, growing revenues, driving innovations, and managing M&A processes both from the side of the buyer and seller. He actualized complex projects and programs for happy customers across the US, UK, Benelux, DACH, and Nordic regions, which are also key markets for Mindy Support.

Igor Tkach

Chief Executive Officer

A proactive and people-focused leader within the BPO and AI industries, boasting over a decade of expertise in establishing and overseeing outsourced teams ranging from 1 to 1,000 agents for global enterprises. Proficient in conducting thorough analyses to comprehend and fulfill clients’ business requirements. Tap into Olga’s extensive network to gain insights or enhance your team with a highly skilled and professional outsourced workforce.

Olga Rotanenko

Commercial Director

Bogdan is a workaholic who is motivated by the passion and energy of the surrounding colleagues. A sharp-minded, results-oriented manager, he meets challenges head-on and sees them as opportunities for professional growth. Bogdan brings intelligence, passion and experience to new projects.

Bogdan Fedorchenko

Chief Operating Officer

Nadiia is a qualified HR with a strong training and development manager background to oversee all human resources operations and ensure they are aligned with company business goals. She does love finding talents, grooming them, and building a strong team of loyal professionals for the company. A unique mix of data-driven attitude and communication skills, as well as her work experience with proven successful cases, make her a good and inspiring leader for the whole HR team.

Nadiia Shvets

HR Director

Ann brings over seven years of invaluable experience in Human Resources to our team, with a proven track record of success. As our local representative in India, she leverages her expertise to navigate the intricacies of HR practices within the region, ensuring seamless operations and fostering positive employee relations. Ann’s dedication and deep understanding of local dynamics make her an invaluable asset to our organization, driving our mission forward with precision and cultural sensitivity.

Ann Issac

Local HR Representative

Bogdan is the embodiment of our slogan “We get it done!”. There are no impossible tasks for him: for each, even the most difficult, he will find a solution. Thanks to his experience in both large technology companies and start-ups, he knows how to look outside the box at any task. Bogdan loves to learn new technologies and apply them for the benefit of the company.

Bohdan Voznyi

Chief Technology Officer

Inna a skilled B2B marketing professional with more than 5 years of experience in marketing SaaS products and IT services for global markets. Inna is passionate about growth, technology, and new challenges.

Inna Boholiubova

Head of Marketing, DA

Gabriel serves as our local representative, bringing over five years of rich experience in operations to our team. With a keen eye for detail and a strategic approach, he adeptly oversees and optimizes operational processes to enhance efficiency and productivity. Gabriel’s extensive expertise and local knowledge enable him to navigate challenges seamlessly, ensuring our operations in the region run smoothly and effectively, contributing significantly to our organizational success.

Gabriel Torrado

Local Representative

A passionate and experienced professional with over 10 years of experience who started out in auditing and progressed to regional financial management and advisory roles with multi-nationals working within dynamic corporate environments. Key areas of expertise cover financial management including financial reporting in accordance with iFRS and US GAAP, audit, financial control, cost reduction, ERP implementation, processes design & related project management, business planning and investment modelling, international taxation.

Yuliana Sonmez

Chief Financial Officer

Yaroslava has more than 8 years of experience in HR and recruiting, including more than 4 years in managerial positions. She has worked as an external consultant with such companies as: LC Waikiki, Auchan, Jysk, Coca-Cola, Acer, and others. She has conducted over 50 trainings, conducted over 1000+ interviews, and closed 500+ vacancies personally. Furthermore, she is an Executive Search expert, as well as a career consultant, coach and trainer.

Yaroslava Pavlenko

Head of Recruitment

Serhii might be the first point of contact for you if you decide to cooperate with Mindy Support. He tracks new trends in AI & ML and is always ready to jump on a call to discuss your data annotation project and tell you about the company’s capabilities.

Serhii Biriukov

Business Development Manager

Yana possesses over 7 years of experience in customer success and account management, excelling in the dynamic landscape of business development and client relations. Yana works with enterprise customers across diverse markets, including the US, Western Europe, and Australia. She is the one with a results-driven approach, underscoring her commitment to client satisfaction and retention. Yana’s proficiency extends beyond project management, encompassing resource planning, team motivation, time management, and meticulous documentation. Yana has a sweet spot for helping animals and is a big plant lover.

Yana Babak

Head of Project Management Office

Simon applies 9 years of experience to enhance customer interactions with sustainable strategies. His expertise in aligning customer needs, negotiating agreements, and fostering strong relationships with the customers.

Simon Ricker

Regional Sales Representative

Constatina graduated from the University of Cyprus with a degree in Economics. She joined Mindy Support in 2018 and her positive energy has allowed her to overcome a lot of work-related challenges. Thanks to her strong skills and expertise, she always gets the job done on time and in the most efficient way possible.

Constantina Constantinou

Head of Cyprus Office

A software specialist, Joseph is our go-to guy when technical problems need to be resolved. A former systems administrator and software engineer, he is results-oriented and driven by the prospect of achieving new heights. All traits that enable him to accept fresh challenges and find out-of-the-box-solutions.

Joseph Carlon

Head of Automation Team

Our Vision

We aim to sustain our expansion as a trusted partner for Fortune 500 and GAFAM companies in fulfilling their data preparation and data annotation needs. Simultaneously, we aspire to extend our services to dynamic SMEs and larger corporations, offering them the advantages of collaborating with our experienced and client-focused teams.

Our Mission

Our commitment is to deliver outstanding efficiency and top-notch client service at competitive rates, specializing in the establishment and supervision of remote teams.

Our Values

At Mindy Support, we believe our values should be reflected in our work. When seeking new recruits, we want to make sure that our outlook and values align.


At Mindy Support, we believe our values should be reflected in our work. When seeking new recruits, we want to make sure that our outlook and values align.


At Mindy Support, we mitigate risks and strive for physical safety and cybersecurity. We put the security of our clients at the forefront, and do our best every day to meet these goals.


We do more with less, and do it better. We never compromise on quality while always striving for excellence.


In everything we undertake we put forth effort, dedication and passion. Our team wakes up inspired every day to do an outstanding job.


To be successful, we need to be able to change quickly and easily, both outside and inside the company. We constantly seek out fresh approaches, and once we uncover them, we immediately take action.



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