Client Testimonials

Here’s what a few of our clients have to say about us.

  • Guilia M

    Anyline, Austria

    Thanks to Mindy Support, the client has been able to deliver multiple custom-made mobile OCR scanning solutions on time. They have been thorough and quick to respond with clear communication. Their most impressive feat has been creating solutions within hours.

  • Dr Henning Lategahn

    Atlatec GmbH, Germany

    We have been working with Mindy for some time now. They support our teams in Germany with 3D map building work. Their work is invaluable and helps us to deliver on time, within budget, and with quality. They are part of the team now. Thanks, Mindy.

  • Nick D.

    Viu More, Belgium

    Thanks to Mindy Support, the client has created an effective model that enables them to differentiate various types of waste. As a result, they've managed to annotate over 1,000 images within two weeks. The team is easy to work with — they're receptive to feedback, personable, and communicative.

  • Emma Schuster

    Sweatcoin, United Kingdom

    Mindy Support mastered the role quickly and they meet all of the client's needs. They proactively seek feedback and are very responsive. Exhibiting great project management skills, they provide great service and have an effective workflow. Always available, the team is always on hand if needed.

  • Antoine S.

    Kili Technology

    The client has been pleased with Mindy Support's performance. The quality of their annotation and their speed of work have been impressive. Responsive and organized, they facilitate a seamless workflow, which encourages long-term partnership.

  • Tyler M.

    Superb AI

    The most impressive aspect of Mindy Support is their ability to combine speed with precision, all while maintaining cost efficiency. Their adeptness at quickly assimilating project requirements and delivering quality annotations within stringent deadlines is commendable and has been instrumental in our projects' success.

  • Rene Boiler

    OnRecruit, Netherlands

    In our experience, Mindy Support offers a high return on investment. Many successful meetings with potential clients were won solely on the work they completed. On a personal note, it was a pleasure working with Tetiana and Evgenia, and certainly should we require their expertise in the future, Mindy Support will be the first business we speak to.

  • Alex C.


    Mindy Support boasted more than 95% accuracy in data annotation, allowing them to flawlessly and efficiently execute their tasks. A dependable partner, they communicated effectively and remained punctual throughout. They provided accurate and cost-effective solutions for the client's software needs.


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