3 Reasons Why So Many Businesses are Outsourcing to Ukraine

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Published date: 28.01.2020

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With fierce competition and rising labor costs at home, outsourcing has become a key consideration for companies looking to trim costs and improve profit margins. Asia has attracted hundreds of European and American companies with its abundance of low-cost, skilled workers. In recent years, however, Eastern Europe has emerged as an appealing alternative for businesses eager to save on personnel but hesitant to move essential functions so far from home.

Ukraine, in particular, is a hard-to-ignore player when it comes to IT, and is developing as a major force in remote sales and marketing as well. Indeed, with a highly-educated population and relatively low prices, Ukraine is the perfect place to look for a little extra support for your business.

Today we take a look at three of the biggest reasons why Ukraine is the right choice if you’re looking to move some of your sales, marketing or personal assistant positions to nearshore or offshore destination.


Ukraine is known regionally for the high quality of its public education system, and the ability of its graduates to integrate seamlessly into Western corporate life.

There are more than 950 universities and colleges in Ukraine, including powerhouses in Computer Science, Engineering, and Aeronautics. That doesn’t mean that Ukrainian universities focus exclusively on the hard sciences. The country also boasts many universities aimed at preparing students for careers in advertising, business administration, and economics. Graduates often have experience studying abroad for at least part of their education and are often fluent in at least one Western European language in addition to Ukrainian, Russian, and English.


Our European clients love about working with a Ukrainian company is the fact that they’re only two hours away from their Ukrainian colleagues. Even if you don’t come to visit, our European time zone means that our business hours overlap, so you know we’re available when you need us. One complaint we hear a lot from companies in the US and Europe which used to work with outsourcing firms in Southeast Asia was the fact that it was always difficult to communicate because of the time difference. Work with a Ukrainian partner, and you know that won’t be an issue.


Of course, the biggest motivation for companies looking to move some of their positions abroad is cost. . While Ukraine may not be the cheapest outsourcing destination, it is certainly cost effective. Companies with employees in Ukraine save up to 60% compared to the costs of in-house staff. That means you’ll have larger profit margins and more room to develop your business in other ways. Lower costs also mean that a wider range of skills falls within your budget.

Still not sure that Ukraine is the right destination for your business? Give us a call and we’ll tell you more about what Mindy Supports’ team of sales and marketing experts can do for you. We’ll help you take advantage of the upswing in Ukraine’s outsourcing sector while cutting costs and expanding your capacity.


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