5 Reasons You Should Hire a Remote Assistant

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Published date: 13.02.2020

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The first question that comes to mind when you hear the phrase “remote assistant” is most likely: “Why should I hire someone remote to manage even a small part of my business?”

In spite of the doubts, more and more business owners are turning to remote assistants to facilitate administrative, sales, and marketing tasks. Believe it or not, those brave enough to go remote have achieved success and reduced overall costs.

There are a lot of ways a remote assistant can make your life easier, but for now we’ll talk about these five:

1. Remote Assistants Save You Money

Saving money is always a good thing.There’s a special satisfaction that comes when you save money without losing efficiency. Remote assistants can save you over 50 % on staffing costs. This is the main reason of why more and more companies all over the world have decided to work with remote assistants.

You can’t deny that the idea of saving money on payroll, infrastructure, and administration isn’t at least a little bit appealing. What’s more, now it’s easier than ever to manage a remote staff with tools like time-tracking software, CRMs, Skype, and Google Hangout. Just so you know, it’s often the case the remote employees work more than in-house ones; if you want to prove it, go check out your office’s coffee machine.

2. Remote Assistants Save You Time

The thing about time is there’s never enough of it. It’s a shame to waste what little time you do have on stuff that can be done remotely, like calls, e-mailig, and researchWorking with a remote staff means that you and your in-house team have more time to get stuff done.

3. Remote Assistants Help YouMultitask

You’ve probably never taken the time to list all of the things that can be done by remote assistants. Here are just a few:

  • Conduct research on prospective customers
  • Create databases of prospects using the Internet, social media, and other sources
  • First and second line lead handling
  • Schedule calls and set appointments for your in-house sales team
  • Contact cold prospects via Linkedin and email
  • Enter data in your CRM
  • Provide email/phone/live chat/social media support for customers
  • Work at your help desk during non-business hours
  • Handle incoming customer inquirie

No doubt you have a few tasks of your own that you could add to this list.

4. Remote Assistants Let You Spend More Time Brainstorming

If you’re so busy with mundane tasks that you don’t have time for new ideas, Mindy Supports is just what the doctor ordered.

We’ve all walked into the office with a head full of big, exciting ideas only to be distracted by an inbox full of emails and a flood of alerts from your calendar. Why not let a remote assistant help you decide what’s important and what can wait until after you’ve had a chance to finish your morning coffee?

5. A Remote Assistant Means Less Stress

We’ve all dreamed of a life free from monotonous and routine work. Trying to handle all aspects of a business can make you crazy! If you’re looking to save time (and your sanity), you should consider turning to remote resources to tackle routine, time-consuming tasks. Just delegate this stuff and get it done.


If you’re interested in saving time, effort, and money, give Mindy Supports a call and find out what we can do for you.


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