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Elevate customer satisfaction in the travel sector with our reliable Customer Support outsourcing services. Our teams are available round-the-clock, fluent in multiple languages, and adept at handling inquiries across various channels like phone, chat, social media, and email. Whether it’s hotels, ticket booking platforms, or travel agencies, we deliver customized support solutions to ensure smooth experiences for travelers, fostering loyalty and boosting business success.

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Customer Support for Travel and Booking Industry

Customer Support outsourcing in 30+ languages. Get a distinct edge over your competition!

  • Hotels

    • Reservation Assistance: Providing support for booking, modifying, or canceling reservations.

    • Room Assistance: Handling inquiries about room types, amenities, accessibility, and special requests.

    • Billing and Payment: Assisting with billing inquiries, refunds, and payment issues.

    • On-site Support: Addressing concerns or issues that arise during a guest’s stay, such as room cleanliness, maintenance, or noise complaints.

    • Concierge Services: Offering recommendations and assistance with local attractions, transportation, dining, and activities.

    • Technical Support: Assisting with issues related to accessing Wi-Fi, using in-room amenities, or troubleshooting other technical problems.

  • Ticket Booking Platforms

    • Booking Assistance: Helping customers navigate the booking process, including selecting flights, hotels, rental cars, or vacation packages.

    • Payment Support: Addressing payment errors, processing refunds, or assisting with payment-related inquiries.

    • Travel Itinerary Support: Providing assistance with itinerary changes, including flight rescheduling, hotel modifications, or cancellations.

    • Travel Alerts and Updates: Keeping customers informed about flight delays, cancellations, or other travel disruptions.

    • Customer Account Support: Assisting with account management, password resets, or troubleshooting login issues.

    • Technical Support: Helping customers troubleshoot technical issues with the booking platform, such as website navigation, app functionality, or payment processing.

  • Travel Agencies

    • Destination Knowledge: Providing expert advice and recommendations on destinations, accommodations, activities, and travel packages.

    • Customized Travel Planning: Assisting customers with creating personalized itineraries based on their preferences, budget, and travel goals.

    • Booking Support: Facilitating reservations for flights, hotels, tours, transportation, and other travel services.

    • Travel Documentation: Guiding customers through the process of obtaining visas, passports, travel insurance, and other necessary documents.

    • Emergency Assistance: Offering support for travelers facing unexpected emergencies, such as medical emergencies, natural disasters, or political unrest.

    • Post-Travel Support: Following up with customers after their trip to gather feedback, address any issues or complaints, and facilitate future travel arrangements.

Support on Any Platform with Any Tool

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40+ tools mastered

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  • App Support

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  • Chat

  • Social Media

Seamlessly integrate agents into your CRM, no modifications needed

35+ total platforms

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