E-Commerce Customer Service Outsourcing

Deliver 24/7 omnichannel customer support experience – at scale. Stay flexible with fully managed support operations in a simple month-to-month format.

  • 10+ years

    in the industry

  • 24/7

    global coverage

  • 30+

    supported languages

Customer Success in E-commerce

Elevating the Online Shopping Experience

  • Order Management

    This includes managing all aspects of your omnichannel business such as managing the call center, processing the order management the CRM and many other tasks.

  • Dedicated Customer Care teams

    It can be very difficult to focus on your core business functions and have time to respond to customer inquiries. We can assemble a team for you that will provide comprehensive support for keeping your customers happy.

  • Content Moderation

    Not all of the content that the users submit will be fit for publication. Therefore, you need somebody to moderate everything that was sent in before it is posted on your site.

Our Team Will Use Your Tools and Channels

All of our e-commerce customer support agents are proficient in the main communication channels

40+ tools mastered

  • Email

  • Voice

  • App Support

  • Messenger

  • Chat

  • Social Media

Seamlessly integrate agents into your CRM or platform

35+ total platforms

Exploring Case Studies

From Theory to Practice

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  • Helping an Austrian Online Marketplace Manage It’s Customers and Help Them Find New Ones

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  • Building a Customer Service Team for a Global Beauty Brand

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