Strategic Session 2020

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Published date: 07.09.2020

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The first half of 2020 presented many challenges for the whole world because of COVID-19. However, new challenges are new opportunities, new solutions, and new experiences. During the lockdown, we tested the format of the remote collaboration model, and our quick and successful transition to it has once again confirmed that nothing is impossible for our team! Our management team met with the heads of each location in our Kyiv headquarters to summarize the results of the last 6 months and update the goals for the next half a year.

The CEO of Mindy Support Evgenia Khimenko expresses words of gratitude: “2020 was and still is unpredictable, despite all of the modern technologies and global opportunities of the 21st century. However, Mindy Support has once again proven that we are a strong, professional, and successful team that confidently and boldly strives to achieve our ambitious goals. I encourage each of you to go even further together, to be proud of each victory, rely on each other, and to actualize amazing and difficult projects in this new reality for all of us. After all, success is not so much what we have, but who we become in the end.

I would like to personally thank the entire Mindy Support team for its work in the first half of this difficult year. We value each of you, because together we are the success of the company and our core values and pride, and all of us together shape its future! We have already implemented and done so much … And how much more is still waiting for us !? Therefore, forward and only forward! Colleagues, friends, I really believe in us and I believe in OUR success!”

Evgenia Khimenko


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