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Published date: 27.04.2020

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Businesses are always trying to find new and efficient ways to better serve their customers. The Coronavirus pandemic has caused a lot of service disruptions which means that people are looking to the customer service department for help even more than before the outbreak. We understand that a lot of clients are calling in nowadays and you simply may not have enough employees to handle the large volume of calls. This is why we have collected some tips you can start using today to provide better service to your customers during the quarantine period and beyond.

Customer Care

Get the Help You Need By Outsourcing

Let’s tackle the biggest problem businesses are dealing with which is overloaded customer service departments. One of the quickest and easiest ways to resolve this issue is by outsourcing some of the work. Even if you only need some temporary assistance, this will really take a lot of the burden off your in-house team and lower customer wait times simultaneously. Think of your offshore team as an extension of the customer service department that you have at the office. They will have the same training, experience and other criteria you require.

Mindy Support can assemble a team of qualified customer service representatives for you within a relatively short time frame. This is possible due to our large in-house staff since it allows us to shift around resources internally and the ability to quickly recruit new candidates. We have extensive experience implementing projects of all sizes and we will work with you to find exactly the type of people you are looking for.

Offer a Call-back Option

This is something you can implement even after the COVID-19 crisis is over. If you are experiencing high call volumes, give your customers a call-back option. In fact, according to a recent report, 63% of customers said that they would prefer you to call them back rather than being placed on hold. While there will still be nuances that need to be worked out, such as the best call back times, you are freeing up a lot of your customers’ time and they really appreciate it.

Give Your Representatives More Authority

We have all been in a situation where we call the customer service department with an inquiry or request only to be told that they need their boss’s permission to perform the request. There are many problems with such an approach. First of all, this increases the length of the call which causes additional aggravation for the customer, especially if they are calling about something that can easily be resolved. The second problem is that you are not trusting your employees.

Try to give your reps the information they need to make decisions on the spot instead of escalating every single issue. This will really pay off in the long run with happier customers and increase employee loyalty.

Elevate Your Training

We touched on this a little bit with the point above, but the importance of employee training cannot be over-exaggerated. Think about it. When your customers are calling in to get information or resolve an issue, they expect to talk to somebody who is qualified to offer some assistance. Therefore, in addition to knowing your products and service offering inside and out, they need to develop communication skills, learn how to use various tools and deal with disgruntled customers. While this will require making additional investments in your employees, this is another thing that will pay for itself.

Update Your Knowledge Bases

One of the benefits of AI-powered chatbots is that they are able to parse through large volumes of data within seconds in order to come up with the necessary information. Humans are not like that. If they need to find certain information to address a customer inquiry, they will have to access a database, search through it, locate the data they need and then relay it back to the customer. All of this can take a couple of minutes or even longer depending on how organized your data is. That’s why it is important that all of your data is up to date and is stored in a format that is easily understandable.

Start Analyzing Your Weaknesses

If you are looking for additional motivation for improving the quality of your customer service, consider the following: 84% of companies that made an effort to improve their customer service saw an increase in revenue last year. With this in mind, take the time to identify some pain points that you are experiencing and try to brainstorm some possible solutions. If your problems can be solved with some of the tips mentioned above – then great! If not, you have to get creative and work through it for the benefit of your customers and your company.

Posted by Il’ya Dudkin


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