Most Interesting Data Annotation Use Cases of 2021

Category: AI insights

Published date: 19.10.2021

Read time: 5 min

Today we would like to share with you some of the most interesting use cases that we worked on in 2021. Now, when you hear the name Mindy Support, data annotation and BPO usually come to mind. However, you will also find an interesting use case of another service we offer: data generation. Later on, we will talk about how we helped our client ensure that their mobile app is working with the needed level of accuracy. But before we get to that, let’s first look at some data annotation use cases.

Labeling Scratches on Tablet Screens 

While scratches on tablet screens are usually visible, there are some that are too small for the user to detect. While they may notice that the display is not as sharp as it should be, they may not even be suspecting that this is due to small scratches that are barely visible. Our client was developing a machine learning solution that would identify such scratches and alert the manufacturer about these defects. This can be very useful for QA purposes when making sure that each product meets the high standards of the users and the manufacturing company. 

We assembled a team of data annotators to label all of the scratches on tablet screens and on the back panels as well from lots of different manufacturers. We needed to be very careful to label only scratches and not any dust that may have fallen on the tablet. Such annotation work allowed the client to achieve their business objectives while lowering overall costs.

Detecting Large Punctures in Tires 

We all had to deal with a flat tire at one time or another and very often this happens at the least opportune time. One of our clients is developing a product that can detect punctures in tires.This required highly detailed image annotation since the punctures were so small and the system needed to differentiate them from scratches on the tire. We assembled a team of data annotators to label the punctures in thousands of images with bounding boxes. This allowed our client to meet deadlines and keep costs under control.

Tracking Geolocation

When creating a product that tracks the user’s geolocation, a lot of training data is needed to make sure everything is working correctly. We helped one of our clients improve their geolocation by having our employees travel all over the city while making sure that geolocation was turned on. They could ride on the bus, their bike, or any other mode of transportation for at least 30 minutes. At the end of half an hour, they would receive their coordinates on the map, which showed that the geolocation was working correctly. While such product testing is very time-consuming, it is essential to the overall success of the project. 

Annotating Hairstyles 

When it comes to hairstyles, there are so many possibilities out there. Some are very short, chin or shoulder-length, long, and many others as well. Our client was working on a product that would identify all of the various hairstyles and needed to assemble a team of data annotations that would label all of the hairstyles in thousands of images. We assembled a team of data annotators for a hair product company that was developing smart technologies to allow their clients to virtually choose the best products for their hair style, length and condition. We performed the needed work for the client which allowed them to achieve significant time and cost savings. 

Trust Mindy Support With All of Your Data Annotation Needs

As we have seen from the use cases above, we have quite a diverse set of experience actualizing data annotation projects and this experience helps instill confidence in our current and future clients. Regardless of the volume of data, you need to be annotated or the complexity of your project, Mindy Support will be able to assemble a team for you to actualize your project and meet deadlines. We are the largest data annotation company in Eastern Europe with more than 2,000 employees in six locations all over Ukraine and in other geographies globally. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you. 


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