Most Interesting Use Cases of 2020: Part II

Category: AI Insights

Published date: 29.01.2021

Read time: 4 min

In one of our previous blog posts, we described some of the most interesting use cases that we worked on in the past year. However, since there were so many interesting projects in 2020, it was not possible to stuff everything into one article.

Therefore, today we would like to present part two of the most interesting projects that we world on as they show the wide range of data annotation services provided by Mindy Support.

Labeling Parking Lots Around Fast Food Restaurants

With fewer and fewer fast-food restaurants offering in-person dining, they are offering their customers more to-go alternatives such as picking up the food at the drive-thru and easing in your car. However, this requires ample parking to be available to handle the influx of customers.

One of our clients is helping fast-food restaurants ascertain that they have the necessary amount of parking spots available, there are enough entrances to the parking lot and there is sufficient handicap parking available. The client asked us to annotate aerial images of parking lots belonging to fast-food restaurants and label all of the parking spaces as well as spots reserved for the handicapped. This significantly helped the client meet deadlines while keeping costs under control.

Redaction of Personal Information on Various Documents 

Text recognition software is able to capture all of the needed information off virtually any document, but a lot of times, you don’t want it to read your personal information. This is usually the case when certain documents are used to obtain training data without compromising any personally identifiable information.

The client asked us to redact such information from social security cards, plane tickets, and office badges to train their system to recognize the needed information without putting anybody’s information at risk. By providing the needed data annotation services, Mindy Support helped the client achieve their business goals at a fraction of the cost of hiring such a team in the local market.

Text Annotation in Chinese

Creating a product that can identify Chinese characters presents its own unique challenges because it is difficult to find data annotations with proficiency in Chinese. Even if you do find the needed personnel, it will be very expensive to hire them for such work because they have specialized knowledge and expertise that is very expensive.

Our client was working on a text recognition project that required data annotation in Chinese. We assembled a team of data annotators with the needed skillset who first, transcribed entire Chinese texts into Latin letters and then each character individually. We were able to complete the entire project with an almost perfect quality rating allowing the client to create a higher quality product a lot faster. 

Mindy Support Continues to Provide Comprehensive Data Annotation Services 

Mindy Support provides comprehensive data annotation services to its clients on a daily basis. Even the recent lockdown restrictions that were imposed in Ukraine and all over the world did not prevent us from meeting our obligations to our clients. Thanks to the collective hard work from all of our team members, we were able to grow during this difficult time and take on new and exciting projects.

We can help take the burden of data annotation off your shoulders regardless of the size or complexity of your project. We have more than 2,000 employees in six locations all over Ukraine, which allows us to source and recruit the needed amount of candidates within a short time frame. 


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