Can AI Help Us Find True Love?

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Published date: 14.02.2020

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With Valentine’s Day upon us, love is in the air and artificial intelligence is here to help us find our true love. Even if you have already found your Valentine, AI can help you determine whether or not you made the right choice. Let’s take a look at some of the most interesting AI technology that is here to help you find true love.

Valentine's Day

Mei – An App for Finding Love in Texts

We all send text messages to our crush, but how do we know that if we are really made for each other? The Mei app is here to take the guesswork out of the process. It can take all of your conversations from WhatsApp and other messaging app and analyze the texts to provide you with a compatibility score of the person you are conversing with. This includes a score for things like openness, emotional control, agreeableness, extraversion, and many other categories. If you download the iOS version of the app, it will give you a score between 0 and 100 in terms of how much the other person is romantically interested in you.

In order to create an app like this, lots of text has to be annotated to make sure that the machine learning algorithms pick up the right love signs. Therefore, human data annotators, like the ones offered by Mindy Support, need to go through hundreds or even thousands of terabytes of text to make sure that the app matches you with the right person.

AIMM – A Virtual Matchmaking App

Have your friends ever set you up for a date that was a complete disaster? Then we might suggest that you try AIMM, which is an AI-powered matchmaker. AIMM is similar to Alexa and other AI-powered personal assistants because it will converse with you to get to know you better. As time goes on, it will start asking you more personal questions to find out what you are looking for in a soulmate. As soon as it has all of the information that it needs, AIMM will start introducing you to other people who are also using AIMM.

This is a revolutionary approach because you no longer have to sit there and browse through hundreds of profiles and you do not have to worry about fake profiles as well. Instead, it provides users with a more personalized service that increases the chances of finding the right person for you. If you are hesitant to use an AI-powered matchmaking service like this consider the following: 70% of couples will meet online by 2040. Therefore, technology is sure to play a bigger role in our personal lives.

Desire – An App That Will Help You Spice Things Up

If you have not yet planned out what to do on Valentine’s Day, the Desire app can help you by proposing real-life love games for date night. It provides more of an intimate approach by analyzing users’ thinking styles, behavior, and decision-making process to come up with hot challenges and desires to rekindle relationships and increase satisfaction for new couples. The way it works is that you play against your partner and you both have the option to choose different kinds of dares. This can be something they have to do outdoors, indoors role play, etc. and when somebody completes a dare, they get points. This is an interesting new way to instantly spice things up.

The Role of AI in Romance is Increasing

Since AI is playing a greater role in the matchmaking process, the way we approach relationships is fundamentally changing. We are starting to trust AI with finding Mr or Mrs. Right for us because it uses a lot of criteria and personal data in order to make the right decision. In today’s fast-paced world where we have unlimited options as far as dating is concerned, finding some clarity and guidance is proving to be very valuable for a lot of people.

This is also changing the way humans interact with machines. Apps such as AIMM and Desire that we mentioned above are serving as virtual love coaches which are especially useful for millennials who are more comfortable with expressing their true feelings to computers instead of other people. Therefore, you can expect new and improved AI-powered matchmaking as time goes an and the technology is perfected even further.

While machines are doing the lion’s share of the work in helping people find true love, they still need human data annotators to teach the machines to detect those subtle hints often used when two people really connect with each other. Mindy Support is dedicated towards assisting research develop new AI-powered technology by taking the data annotation burden off their shoulders. Contact us today to find how quickly we can create a team for you without sacrificing quality.

Posted by Il’ya Dudkin


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