High-Quality Sound Annotation for Top Notch AI Products

Services provided: Audio Annotation

Published date: 23.11.2023

Read time: 4 min

Client Profile

Industry: Software development
Location: USA
Size: 500–1000 employees

Company Bio

The client develops AI software that recognizes various sounds and speech, which can later be used for the development of ADAS technology, virtual assistants, and other products. They deliver an integrated portfolio of tools and embedded solutions that enable customers to rapidly develop and deploy production automated features, combining in-house expertise with AI technologies while achieving substantial reductions in development costs and timescales.

Service Provided

Project Overview

Mindy Support demonstrated its commitment to enhancing artificial intelligence solutions by meticulously annotating over 300 categories of sounds. This comprehensive annotation process not only showcases the depth of Mindy Support’s expertise but also serves as a valuable resource for clients aiming to boost the accuracy and efficiency of their AI models. By cataloging a diverse range of sound categories, including ambient noises, specific tones, and nuanced auditory cues, Mindy Support empowers clients to develop AI systems that can better understand and respond to the intricacies of real-world audio environments. This meticulous approach to sound annotation is a testament to Mindy Support’s dedication to delivering cutting-edge solutions and driving innovation in the field of artificial intelligence.

Business Problem

The client was working on an AI tool that could differentiate between various sounds and noises in its surrounding environment. However, in order to train the system to accurately identify and classify the noises, they needed a data annotation provider to annotate a large dataset of audio recordings and classify them into 300 categories. The requirements from the client were as follows: 

  • Every type of sound needed to be annotated by indicating the start and end 
  • Each audio can include one or more types of sounds.
  • Sounds can overlap.

The client had a sizable dataset consisting of one million audio sets and was looking for trusted data annotation provided to help them annotate the dataset.

Why Mindy Support

Mindy Support has nurtured a robust and enduring relationship with our client, characterized by a consistent track record of delivering projects punctually without compromising on quality. This longstanding partnership has been built on a foundation of reliability and a proven ability to meet and exceed project expectations. Our unwavering commitment to on-time project completion, coupled with a steadfast dedication to maintaining the highest standards of quality, has instilled a deep sense of trust in our client. This trust has been hard-earned through the successful actualization of numerous projects, laying the groundwork for a seamless collaboration. Mindy Support’s demonstrated reliability and commitment to excellence have made us the trusted partner for our client, fostering an environment of confidence and assurance in the successful execution of the current project.

Solutions Provided to the Client

Mindy Support hired a team of 10 data annotators who were already proficient in the data annotation tool requested by the client. We created specific accounts to enable the team to have access to the sound assets. The data annotators worked with recordings that had several different sounds on them and needed to identify and label them in accordance with the guidelines. Some sounds were already annotated, but we corrected mistakes that were made by other providers. We then proceeded to place time stamps, where necessary, with an overall accuracy of ~100 milliseconds. We annotated all the sounds on the recordings, as specified by the client, without the allotted time period of 7 months. 

Thanks to our extensive experience and professionalism, we were able to meet tight deadlines and achieve an overall accuracy score of 98%+. This successful actualization led to the client awarding us with additional projects and further solidified Mindy Support as a trusted provider of data annotation services. 

Key Results

  • 1 million audio sets annotated 
  • All audio sets are organized into 300 categories 
  • Overall quality score of 98%+
  • Sourced and recruited 10 data annotators


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