Classifying Sounds With a 100% Productivity Rate

Services provided: Audio Annotation

Published date: 25.01.2024

Read time: 3 min

Client Profile

Industry: Technology Innovation
Location: USA
Size: 100–200 employees

Company Bio

The client focuses on custom software development, primarily for business and commercial applications. Their goal is to provide simple, effective solutions that maximize their customer’ business potential. All of their commitment to pioneering new solutions allows them to deliver value to their customers.

Services Provided

Project Overview

Mindy Support’s team increased the quality of the client’s dataset by accurately annotating an audio dataset consisting of more than 10,000 entries. Our expertise in audio annotation techniques enabled to handle diverse types of audio data with proficiency and attention to detail. By leveraging advanced tools and techniques, Mindy Support’s team optimized the annotation process, delivering results that enhanced the overall quality and usability of the client’s dataset.

Business Problem

There is a wide variety of noises and sounds that occur both indoors and outdoors, and the client’s tool is needed to recognize all of them. They had a sizable dataset of 10,000 audio files consisting of sounds, and they needed a data annotation provider to classify whether all the sounds occurred indoors, outside, in a car, etc. Additional categories included ​​pleasantness, eventfulness, calmness, excitement, comfort and safety, privacy and control, loudness, clarity and quality of sounds, spaciousness, human occupancy, and categorization of the content into dominant categories. 

Data annotators were required to mark their answers for each question based on their perception of the audio recording since time was of the essence, all the files needed to be annotated in 4 months.

Why Mindy Support

Building upon our track record, Mindy Support previously assisted the client in realizing a substantial project comprising over 1 million audio files. The meticulous attention to detail and unwavering commitment to accuracy demonstrated during this endeavor solidified Mindy Support as a trusted provider of audio annotation services. Our team’s ability to consistently deliver precise annotations at scale underscores our dedication to meeting and exceeding client expectations. Through this successful collaboration, we established a strong foundation of trust and reliability, laying the groundwork for future partnerships aimed at achieving exceptional results.

Solutions Provided to the Client

Mindy Support hired 7 full-time data annotators to work on this project who had more than 5 years of experience with audio annotation. We went over the KPIs with all the team members to make sure everybody was on the same page as to what was required. During the project, we not only achieved the KPIs set by the client but also proactively monitored the entire process, consistently proposing initiatives to enhance both quality and productivity. This dedication resulted in an impressive 100% productivity rate and an accuracy level of 98%+.

The client was extremely satisfied with the work delivered, since it exceeded all of their expectations. In addition to this, by finishing the project ahead of schedule, the client had such confidence in Mindy Support that they further expanded the project with an additional 50% increase in the volume of data that needed to be annotated.

Key Results

  • 10,000 audio files annotated 
  • 7 full-time data annotators 
  • 100% productivity rate 
  • 98%+ accuracy rate


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