Why User Support is a Crucial Aspect of the User Experience

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Published date: 08.11.2021

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While many companies focus on providing personalized experience during the sales process, the same type of services need to be provided even after the sale is made. After all, if you ignore  your customers after  you got their money, they will think that you do not stand behind the products or services you offer. This is just one of the reasons why you need to have a knowledgeable  support team. Let’s take a look at some additional reasons why user support is an important part of the user experience.

Issue Resolution 

Regardless of how great or innovative your product may be, customers will always have questions or run into some sorts of issues.  Whether the problem is a “user” error, a bug or technical issue, it doesn’t matter to them, they just want it solved so they can continue with their workload. If they can’t log in to your product, they contact tech support. A feature or module isn’t working as it normally does? They contact tech support. It is very important to resolve such issues right away. Recent data shows that  67% of customer churn is preventable if firms resolve issues the first time they occur.

Having said this, it is important to note that there are different levels of user support. If an issue is too complex or severe to be handled by the frontline team, they will need to escalate it to the next level. Let’s get a brief overview of the most common support level structure: 

  • Level 1 support – This will be the helpdesk, which is the first line of contact for most tech support issues. Tech support personnel at this level have a basic to general understanding of the product or service, but may not always contain the competency required for solving complex issues. 
  • Level 2 support – At this stage, the issues are becoming more complex. It requires staff with in-depth knowledge of the product to handle these support requests and provide technical guidance – and, the ability to talk to users over the phone to help them find a solution.
  • Level 3 support – Third line support deals with outlier cases that levels pre-support to second line could not handle, which means that third line tech support is likely to be managed by a designated super user, or even someone from your R&D department.


Mindy Support can help you provide such multi-level support and will work with your rules for handling customer inquiries. 

Provide a Personalized Experience to Each Customer

According to data from Accenture, 33% of customers abandoned a business relationship last year due to the lack of personalization. However, providing personalization can be challenging since many tech support issues may be very common and the tech support agent might provide a standard response. Still, even if ten people have already called in about their inability to reset their password, the agent must be able to empathize with every customer since they may have already experienced a wide range of issues or they need the problem to be resolved ASAP and many other personalized scenarios. 

Give the Customer a Chance to Vent Their Frustration

When angry customers call in, a lot of times they are just looking for somebody from the company to hear their frustrations. For example, if we return to the login issue we mentioned earlier, this might be an issue caused by a bug and the developers along with the QA team are working on resolving the issue. However, in the eye of the customer, the tech support agent is the face and voice of the company and they would like to vent their frustration even though it may not be the agent’s fault. You will always get calls or inquiries from customers complaining about issues agents have no control over and you just need to remember not to take things personally and understand the customer’s needs to voice their concerns. 

Mindy Support Provides Comprehensive Tech Support Services 

Not all customer inquiries and complaints require the attention of your in-house personnel.  This is especially true with startups and small businesses where technical managers often have to split their time between managing their company’s IT infrastructure and assisting customers on the phone. Mindy Support is here to take this workload off your shoulders so you can focus on business critical functions. We are one of the largest BPO providers in Eastern Europe with more than 2,000 employees in Ukraine and other locations around the world. Contact us today to learn about how we can help you. 


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