Mindy Support is Back to the Full-scale Business

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Published date: 08.04.2022

Read time: 3 min

Mindy Support is known as a trusted partner of GAFAM and Fortune 500 companies as well as innovative startups, which always fulfills its clients’ requirements in terms of performance and quality, and deadlines due to its professional project management approach and talented management. 

Over the last months, tough months, we diversified our resources and implemented a Business Continuity Plan. And we are happy to confirm that Mindy Support is back to the full-scale business. Now we are much stronger as a nation and as a business, and we are eager to support your Data Annotation and Data Collection needs. 

We are confident in our capabilities:

  • In addition to the existing team, we built up a trained workforce of 200 full-time employees (FTEs) to be engaged in projects immediately and set the processes to scale up fast to 200+ FTEs per month.
  • 2000 people in our offices, representatives, and operational centers are strengthened in Poland, Cyprus, Romania, The Netherlands, India, and west of Ukraine, in a safe place, which allows us to run the business and deliver the project needs 24/7.
  • Robust IT & Security following all standards ISO 27001, SOC2 Type 1, GDPR, and CCPA and the storage of the data on servers in Finland and Germany, which guarantees its safety.
  • Effective management, rapid and efficient recruitment, and project management approach in place.
  • High-Quality Assurance standards (proved by ISO 9001) to meet the needs of any type of project within a short timeline, customized projects workflows and reporting procedures.
  • Proven expertise in different types of annotation (2D & 3D Boxing, Segmentation, Object detection & classification, Event tracking, and others) and types of data (images, text, LiDAR, video, and audio) to benefit projects of any scale and volume.

We are happy to discuss your Data Annotation and Data Collection projects and business plans Mindy Support can help you with. Let’s rock together! Full speed ahead!


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