Interesting Data Annotation Use Cases of 2021: Part II

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Published date: 22.10.2021

Read time: 5 min

Today we are continuing with part two of our most interesting data labeling use cases of 2021. This was a really jam packed year full of exciting products and we would like to tell you about what we have been working on and how we are helping our clients develop new and interesting AI solutions in many different industries.

Using AI to Determine Drowsiness and Fatigue

People display drowsiness and fatigue in many different ways. This could be something like pupil dilation, blinking frequency, the positioning of the head, and many other details. If technology could read and understand all of these signs and determine that a person is about to fall asleep (or not) this could potentially save peoples’ lives. Imagine an in-car system that could detect that a driver is falling asleep and send out an alert to wake them up. This is only one possible application of such an AI product. One of our clients is working on such a project and needed our help with annotating lots of datasets.

This was a large project that involved collecting data from video recordings of eye reactions to external factors in a state of varying degrees of fatigue and under the influence of various factors. Basically, our team members would not sleep for an extended period of time, and then we would record and annotate all of the signs of fatigue and drowsiness we mentioned earlier. This involved using semantic segmentation to annotate the movement of the eyelids and pupils to train the system to identify when a person is tired, whether they are about to fall asleep or if they are under the influence of alcohol.

In addition to the automotive sector, this technology could be used to gauge the alertness of employees who are responsible for safety measures and precautions. For example, the system could determine whether a security guard is vigilantly monitoring the premises or an object or whether he is not doing his job effectively. Three are many additional uses and applications for such a product which makes this project particularly exciting.

Making Construction Projects More Effective

Even a small-scale construction project requires a large team of workers and lots of technologies and machinery to get the job done quickly. However, managers and stakeholders need to be able to monitor the pace of construction and make sure safety precautions are being followed. Our client is working on a system that would detect the objects being picked up and moved by a crane. It would also detect whether or not all of the objects were fastened correctly. We helped the client lower costs and keep the project on schedule by annotating more than 300 hours of video. We needed to label and draw a bounding box around all of the objects being picked up and any additional details requested by the client. We performed these tasks quickly and efficiently with outstanding feedback from the client.

Automating the Sewing Process

Sewing is a very nuanced and highly detailed process that makes it difficult for machines to learn. However, with the right training data, machines can learn to sew correctly and alleviate this time-consuming activity off the shoulders of human workers. Mindy Support helped our client create an automated sewing system by annotating all of the seams and joints on shirts and other clothing. This included annotating things like the wrong side of the garment, front seam, seam type, and many other details. In total, we annotated more than 6,000 images using semantic segmentation over the course of one month. Not only did the client receive quality training data, but also high-level annotation work at a fraction of the cost of hiring such a team in their local market.

Mindy Support Provides Comprehensive Data Annotation Services

These are only some of the new and exciting projects we are kicking off the year with. We are continuing to work with our partners to actualize long-term and large-scale projects in data annotation and BPO sectors. If you are looking for data annotation assistance, Mindy Support can provide you with comprehensive services in this area, allowing you to focus more attention on running your business. We are one of the largest BPO providers in Eastern Europe with more than 2,000 employees in six locations all over Ukraine. Contact us today to see how we can help you lower overhead costs and meet deadlines.


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