Mastering the Art of Answering Google Reviews for the Tech Led Restaurant Chain

Services provided: Tech Support & Help Desk

Published date: 05.06.2024

Read time: 3 min

Client Profile

INDUSTRY: Hospitality

HQ: London, UK

Company Bio

Our client is a technology-led entertainment studio that delivers immersive experiences & products through hospitality. They blend science & tech with food, beverage, and retail.


Mindy Support is answering Google reviews to all venues (4 in the UK and 3 in the US).



The client has a chain of restaurants (2 in London, 1 in Brighton, 1 in Edinburgh, 1 in New York, 1 in Chicago and 1 in Philadelphia). Every day, they receive hundreds of reviews on Google from people eager to share their experiences. In today’s digital age, online reputation is everything. With the popularity of review platforms like Google Reviews, businesses are under constant scrutiny, with every interaction potentially impacting their brand image.

Google Reviews were a double-edged sword for our client. While positive reviews boosted credibility and attracted new customers, negative reviews drove potential customers away. The challenge lies in effectively managing and responding to all reviews promptly and professionally.

Furthermore, the sheer volume of reviews was overwhelming for a single internal agent person. This resulted in delayed responses or even neglecting reviews altogether – before our team came in.


We provide a dedicated team of professionals consisting of 1 project coordinator and 6 agents trained in customer engagement and reputation management. We monitor feedback platforms closely, instantly alert management to critical issues, and craft empathetic, professional responses to each customer’s concern. Our services automate customer engagement and reputation management, using advanced technology to enhance efficiency and responsiveness.

Here’s how we leverage automation:

  • Real-time monitoring: Our team forwards and responds to social media reviews, ensuring no customer feedback is missed. We also provide clients with real-time reporting, keeping them informed every step of the way.
  • Intelligent review processing: The Mindy Support team pulls reviews from platforms like Google and integrates AI to assess whether feedback is positive or negative. Then, the results are neatly organized in Google Sheets.
  • Consistent review tracking: We offer clients regular updates through a corporate account, providing access to the number of cases reviewed.
  • Critical alerts: We trigger instant notifications for critical reviews, ensuring that significant issues are addressed promptly with the necessary attention.


By outsourcing our Customer Support Specialists, who handled Google Reviews professionally and on time, our client gained access to a dedicated team of specialists equipped to handle inquiries, resolve issues, and turn disgruntled customers into brand advocates. This decision also freed up valuable time and resources for the client to focus on core operations and strategic initiatives.

Mindy Support was happy to turn the tide of negative reviews, transform unhappy customers into loyal ones, and cultivate a positive brand image that resonated with audiences across the continents.


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