Increasing the Quality of Sport Match Analysis

Services provided: Image Annotation

Published date: 05.09.2023

Read time: 4 min

Client Profile

Industry: Sports
Location: Switzerland
Size: 1000–5000 employees

Company Bio

The client is a leading global sports technology company creating immersive experiences for sports fans and bettors. Positioned at the intersection of the sports, media, and betting industries, the client provides sports federations, news media, consumer platforms, and sports betting operators with a best-in-class range of solutions to help grow their business.

Services Provided

 Image annotation, 2D Bounding Box Annotation

Project Overview

Mindy Support, a dedicated and reliable service provider, played a pivotal role in assisting the client to significantly enhance the precision and effectiveness of their product. This was achieved through the meticulous and expert application of top-tier bounding box annotation techniques, ensuring that every element and aspect of the client’s project received the utmost attention to detail and precision. As a result, the client’s product now boasts superior accuracy and performance, making it more competitive and appealing in its respective market or industry.

Business Problem

Our customer asked us to label a dataset of basketball games. We annotated players, referees, events, ball possession, etc. A lot of attention needed to be paid to the details, since even the slightest mistake could lower the overall effectiveness of the client’s tool.

Since the client works with a wide range of service providers and federations in the sporting industry, the accuracy of the information they provide to their clients is of the utmost importance. The information about various sporting events comes from thousands of images of various sporting events, which are later analyzed by the client’s AI tool. However, this tool relies on high-quality data annotation to make sure the information is read and understood correctly by the machines. This is why they were looking for a trusted data annotation provider who could annotate 5,000 images in a tight time frame of 2 months.

Why Mindy Support

Mindy Support, with its wealth of expertise and proficiency in data annotation, has a well-established track record of serving the sporting industry. In the course of our collaboration with the client, we were able to showcase our impressive portfolio of previously accomplished projects within this specific domain. Our comprehensive portfolio demonstrated not only our deep understanding of the intricacies of the sporting industry, but also our proven ability to deliver successful outcomes. The client, recognizing our extensive experience, exceptional skills, and unwavering expertise, expressed their satisfaction and confidence in our capabilities by entrusting us with their project. This decision was a testament to our commitment to excellence and our reputation as a trusted partner in the field of data annotation for the sporting industry.

Solutions Delivered to the Client

The client requested that we use their data annotation tool, which was not a problem, since our team members have many years of experience working with a variety of data annotation tools and were able to pick up all the details very quickly. We labeled both pre-label and regular data to understand which would be more productive and allow us to achieve the best results. We assembled a team of 8 FTE who worked on the data annotation task, and we also had QA professionals to make sure that all the annotation work was done correctly. All the details were accounted for during the annotation process, which allowed us to get the job done the first time and meet the client’s strict timeline requirement. 

We were able to get all 5,000 images annotated with a quality score of 99%+. The client was very impressed by these results and decided to award Mindy Support with additional projects in the future. 

Key Results


  • 5,000 images annotated 
  • Quality score of 99%+


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