Annotating Abrupt Movements for Enhanced Security on Public Transport

Services provided: Video Annotation

Published date: 27.02.2023

Read time: 4 min

Client Profile

Industry: Software Development (Security)
Location: France
Size: 51-200

Company Bio

Our partner, who is training a data platform for Enterprise AI, involved us in the project of enhancing security on public transport for his client.The partner’s customer is an international security company that unifies personnel that have a wide range of skills and operational experience worldwide. They offer expertise to companies looking to address security issues or potential security threats.

Services Provided

Video Annotation: Event Recognition and Tracking

Project Overview

The partner was developing a tool that could increase passenger security on buses and trains. The tools would recognize abrupt and sudden movements which could be used to train security officers to identify potential threatening actions by passengers. Mindy Support needed to annotate a sizable dataset of 500 videos containing various actions and poses.

Business Problem

The partner’s client was looking to improve the quality of their AI tool, which needed to recognize all kinds of abrupt and threatening actions. They had a dataset of 500 videos, which were taken by security cameras inside trains and buses. However, the video quality was quite low. The grainy resolution meant that the service provider would need to pay particular attention to every pixel, which would increase the time it would take to annotate each frame. 

The partner’s customer was looking for a data annotation provider that had extensive experience in video annotation and could utilize that experience to streamline otherwise burdensome processes. 

Why Mindy Support

Mindy Support already had a long and mutually beneficial relationship with the client’s partner and they decided to engage Mindy Support to complete the data annotation work needed to complete the project. During the course of this relationship, we have proven that we had plenty of data annotation experience and expertise to perform the needed work within tight deadlines without sacrificing the quality of the annotation work. 

Solutions Delivered to the Client

Mindy Support assembled a team of 10 full-time data annotators to get all of the work done. Since we already had extensive experience using the client’s video annotation tool and video annotation in general,  our teams were able to hit the ground running. Even though the client had a strict deadline of 30 days to get all of the work done, we knew that our extensive experience would allow us to get the job done on time. The client would upload the videos straight into the tool, which saved everybody a lot of time and hassle. All of the videos were shot in 25 frames per second, and each of the motions in the frames needed to be annotated. 

The combination of skill, experience and attention to detail proved to be key and were able to exceed the client’s expectations and actualize the project 12 days ahead of schedule. Needless to say, the client was very pleased with such outstanding results. It is also worth pointing out that even though we completed the annotation work at lightning speed, we did not sacrifice the quality of the work. In fact, our team annotated all 500 videos with a quality rate of 98%. Mindy Support’s ability to keep the project on schedule while maintaining the needed quality rate is one of the main reasons we are trusted by  GAFAM and Fortune 500 companies. 

Key Results

  • 500 videos annotated with 98% quality score
  • Finished the project 12 days ahead of the schedule


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