A Simple Way of Bringing a Niche Product to New Markets

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    Industry: Industrial Engineering
    Location: Winterthur, Switzerland
    Size: 11–50 employees

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    Our client is a Swiss-based mechanical and industrial engineering company targeting new markets with its innovative coating thickness measurement system. Target markets include the UK, Eastern Europe, France, Italy, and Spain.


To meet their market expansion goals, our client hired three assistants from Mindy Support: one with excellent English to target English-speaking countries; a second fluent in German to target Austria, Switzerland, and Germany; and a third speaking both French and Italian. We created a team with these three employees. Creating a team is a good way to get people engaged and motivated, which ultimately leads to more sales.

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Our client produces a sophisticated product. They faced difficulties finding potential customers and explaining the product’s benefits to them. Mindy Support helped our client find potential customers and clearly explain the product to them, increasing sales in existing markets and helping the company enter new markets.


At first, it wasn’t easy for each assistant to reach even one to two interested customers per month. Everything was going quite slowly, and it didn’t seem that our efforts would ever start bringing results. So, we set a goal for each of our assistants to reach six interested people and locate 500 new contacts per month.

After trying a few different approaches, we found a formula that works. We started to understand the specifics of the product at the same level as the manufacturers. This meant we could easily select companies that might be interested in the product and were able to create an approach for reaching them.

Mindy Support is ISO 9001 certified. Our information security management system (ISMS) is built on the basis of ISO 27001:2013 international standards that helps organizations keep information assets secure.
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After a one-month trial, thanks to the right combination of emailing and calling, we reached our target of 18 interested companies in four new countries. This was six times better than our initial results!

Today, we’ve multiplied our initial results 12-fold, and we keep on improving and experimenting with new markets.

We were able to help our client increase sales and enter new markets thanks to:

  • Professional staff

  • Multilingual support

  • Experimenting with new technologies and approaches

  • Teamwork

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