24/7 Multilingual Support for MacPaw’s Top Software Solutions

Services provided: Customer Care

Published date: 10.07.2024

Read time: 4 min

Client Profile

INDUSTRY: Software development

LOCATION: Boston, USA / Kyiv, Ukraine

Company Bio

MacPaw develops and distributes software for macOS and iOS that simplifies the lives of Mac users. Renowned for innovative and precision-engineered products, including CleanMyMac X, Setapp, ClearVPN, and the Unarchiver, and housing the Moonlock cybersecurity division, MacPaw is committed to elevating and securing the user experience within the Mac ecosystem. Founded in Kyiv, Ukraine, with a subsidiary office in Boston, MacPaw products have more than 30 million users worldwide, with one in every five Mac users having at least one app downloaded.


Mindy Support has built customer support and billing teams for two different products.


The client faced the challenge of assembling a highly skilled team proficient in Apple products to effectively support their global customer base. They needed to recruit and train this team quickly to manage real-time chats and tickets in three languages, ensuring 24/7 availability. This requirement was crucial for providing top-notch Level 1 support for products like Setapp and ClearVPN. The support team also had to be versatile enough to assist users across a diverse range of devices and operating systems, including Windows OS, macOS, iOS, and Android.

To maintain the highest standards of customer service, the client implemented rigorous Quality Control processes to monitor and evaluate agent performance consistently. Ensuring that every interaction met their standards was vital for maintaining customer satisfaction and trust. This commitment to quality required continuous assessment and improvement of the agents’ skills and performance, making the challenge not just about immediate setup, but also about sustaining excellence over time.


To address the client’s needs, we established a comprehensive customer support team comprising a Project Coordinator and 6 dedicated agents. This 24/7 team was tailored to support two distinct products, ClearVPN and Setapp, in three languages. We appointed a highly qualified Project Coordinator with extensive QA and TL experience to oversee the team and ensure adherence to SLA and KPI targets. This coordinator played a pivotal role in maintaining the team’s performance and ensuring consistent, high-quality support.

Additionally, we formed a specialized billing support team with 3 agents to handle billing issues specifically for MyMac products. This team efficiently managed up to 130 tickets per day, operating from 7am to 11pm.

Using tools like Zendesk and Intercom, our support teams were equipped to manage common inquiries, technical issues, and billing requests effectively. This structured approach helped us deliver reliable and efficient support across multiple time zones and languages, meeting the diverse needs of the client’s global customer base.


We built a 24/7 customer support team for ClearVPN and Setapp, proficient in three languages. By appointing a skilled Project Coordinator with QA and TL experience, we ensured the team met SLA and KPI targets. Comprehensive training enabled the team to handle real-time chats and tickets, achieving an IQS of 80%+.

Our team, experienced with Apple products and proficient in macOS and iOS, quickly adapted to provide multilingual support for global customers. We delivered 24/7 Level 1 support for Setapp and ClearVPN, covering Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android, ensuring exceptional customer service and seamless support across various platforms and devices.


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