Women Leaders in Data Annotation

Category: AI insights

Published date: 06.03.2020

Read time: 5 min

Women are starting to play a more important and active role in the technology world occupying positions such as developers, researchers, and C-suite executives. With International Women’s Day around the corner, we thought it would be useful to share the experiences of one of our most valuable team members, Anastasiia Remyzovska, who holds the position of Project Manager.

We recently sat down with Anastasia to talk about her background, management style and the level of fulfillment she receives from her job.

Women in Data Annotation

Mindy Support: What is professionalism in your opinion? Could you spot it if you saw it?

Anastasiia: For me, professionalism is being completely committed and focused on my work. In today’s marketplace, it is no longer enough to simply have “theoretical knowledge”. You need to know all of the nuances and best practices that can only come from experience. When we hire somebody here at Mindy Support, I would much rather hire somebody who is eager to learn, than somebody who thinks they know it all, before they even walk through the door.

With this in mind, I would say that one of the best ways to spot professionalism is when you see somebody going above and beyond what is required of them.

Mindy Support: How would you describe your management style? How do you handle such a large volume of tasks and attain such quality results?

Anastasiia: In the past, I enjoyed working individually and completing tasks all by myself, but what happened was that I took on too much and it was more than I could handle. Faced with such a high volume of work, I started to slowly delegate some of the tasks to my new team members. I was reluctant to do this at first, but later I realized my distrust was a mistake.

Today, everything that goes on is a result of teamwork and depends on great people. When we see a great result, it is because there was a team of dedicated professionals working tirelessly to make the project a success. Without the help of my team and all of the team members here at Mindy Support, it would not be possible for us to grow at such a fast pace.

Mindy Support: Do you enjoy working with data annotation? Do you find it necessary to delve into the smallest details? What do you enjoy about it most of all?

Anastasiia: For me, data annotation is not simply a job or an area of activity. At one point in my life, I realized that data annotation is something that I really enjoy doing, I wanted to develop my skills and work in this area for the rest of my life.

As far as the details are concerned, it is true that you must take all of them into account, but you cannot let the details bog you down. It is very useful to know all of the details because the more you know, the better you can complete even the most difficult tasks without additional assistance.

What I enjoy most is communicating with clients. Over the course of our discussions, we talk about the company’s experience in implementing projects and the best practices that we would recommend to actualize it within the specified timeframe. It is very rewarding to see that the information we provide to our clients delivers value regardless of the country they are located in. This is an area that is particularly rewarding for me.

Mindy Support connects clients with professionals like Anastasiia Remyzovska, who will provide them with the guidance they need to properly implement their data annotation project and get everything done on time and on budget. By doing the job right the first time around, we save you money and give you peace of mind, knowing that everything is going as planned.


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