Why Hiring a Remote Recruitment Assistant Makes Sense

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Published date: 13.02.2020

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As a recruiter, you are spending countless hours doing necessary but low value tasks such as research, formatting CV’s, setting up appointments and so-on. Imagine all of the extra business you could get and time you could save if you had someone doing this all for you.

Don’t be skeptical about utilizing offshore staff.

One of Mindy Supports clients shares his experience of engaging Remote Recruiting Assistant to his in-house team.

Name: Referee upon request
Type of Business: It developers Outsourcing/Offshoring
Type of Virtual Coworker: Full-time Recruitment Assistant

What does your Remote Assistant can do on a daily basis?

She started off doing some of the more basic admin functions any company has. Once I realised how competent and capable my Assistant is, I’ve started delegating  her more complex tasks to do. Now Assistant helps me with search, formating CVs, filtering candidates, CRM management, composing  and posting job ads, scheduling and organizing interviews with prospective candidates, and a lot more.

When you decided to hire a RRA?

I was looking for a cost-effective way to increase productivity in the office. We were bundled down with administrative duties and had very strict deadlines to close the vacancy.

What was the process of finding the right person?

It was a lot easier than expected! Mindy Supports managers took care about everything from the moment we start working together. They had a full understanding what type of assistant I need (background, experience, skills and even mentality). They’ve chosen the best available candidate and arranged interview call for me. I had a chance to ask any question and check competence of the person before I made the decision. The candidate was fluently speaking English and had experience in recruiting IT specialist to Europe. So, I approved the candidate, signed the agreement and we start working.

What have you done to efficiently manage and communicate with your remote assistant?

It’s pretty obvious that “on-boarding” is a good idea when it comes to in-house. So, I decided to do the same with my remote assistant: I introduced my business and deeply explained my assistant the ideal candidate’s profiles we need to find.  We agreed on assistants responsibilities and set up the targets. We communicate via Skype and email on a daily basis. Response times are extremely fast and I do not have to correct her work. I know that my assistant is also controlled and monitored by Mindy Support’s team leads at their office.

How can a RRA provide value to other companies?

Having a remote assistant helps increase the tiRecruiters have to work on the money making activities; managing accounts, interviewing candidates and bringing on new clients. They really help increase your productivity and efficiency by taking away the mundane time consuming tasks.

What is your impression about utilizing offshore Employee form Ukraine?

This is my first experience. But I found Ukrainian people to be consistently energetic, self motivated, helpful and best of all professional. They are the type of people with bright brains and European looks.

How much time and money has it saved you to have a dedicated remote assistant?

I pay a third of what I’d need to pay a local resource. There is just one-time monthly fee, that is composed of salary of the assistants, levies, taxes and insurance of the assistant, administration fee, including payroll services, administration, HR management, and workplace.

Any advice for companies looking to hire a remote assistant?

For now I’ve delegated all time consuming activities that aren’t involved in revenue rising.  Not only recruiting support, Mindy Assistants also give us an extra boost in our sales and marketing department.

Your remote Assistant will eventually be a part of your in-house team . The one piece of advice that was given to me was to make sure they feel part of the team. Because they are working remotely, you need to humanise the voice on the end of the phone. We talk regularly, share photos and know what is going on in each other’s lives. Added to this, a small monetary bonus for success goes a long way.

Just give it a shot and add more value to your recruitment process.


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