Strategic Planning Meeting 2019

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Published date: 12.02.2020

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[Press Release] In early February, all Mindy Support managers and directors gathered in Kyiv to determine the company’s strategic vision and plan activities for the upcoming year. Plans discussed included investing in information security, obtaining ISO 27000 certification, adopting account-based marketing, an extending the company’s social responsibility.

The strategic planning meeting took place in the Ukrainian Head Office of Mindy Support. Managerial teams from six locations announced the results of their joint strategic review, set out a joint plan for the company’s growth and development. The teams discussed results, indicators, and progress in 2018 by business area and office location. Based on operating performance in 2018, the teams defined key areas for development in 2019.

Information technology underpins Mindy Support’s work with both clients and employees to offer the best service and create the best work experience. Mindy Support will continue to focus on plans and projects that help the company move away from manual work and unify large processes. In addition, Mindy Support plans to invest further in information security this year; Steldia Services (Mindy SupportTM) plans to obtain ISO 27000 certification in 2019.

At the meeting, company representatives also discussed adopting new methods of customer acquisition and lead generation. Account-based marketing as a strategic approach to business marketing was defined as the top priority for the company’s development. The goal is to create real value for customers through content and other digital marketing instruments. Personalization, targeting, and automation are integral parts of account-based marketing.

Employer branding is another component of Mindy Support’s core strategy. At the meeting, representatives of each Mindy Support location presented comprehensive plans for working on the brand’s reputation in 2019. Retention is one of the essential tools for managing staff turnover. In 2018, the company invested in external business coaches, which made it possible to retain up to 20% of employees over the course of the year.

Mindy Support’s corporate social responsibilities were also addressed. Green initiatives and charity programs are widely supported by Mindy teams. Initiatives include eliminating waste, setting up recycling bins, minimizing paper waste, and maximizing the efficient use of resources.

During the strategic planning meeting, regional project managers shared development activities undertaken in 2018 and set priorities for 2019 as well as discussed ways to improve the speed collaboration and the quality interaction between regional offices and the head office. Heads of departments presented their achievements of the previous year and introduced their plans to minimize risks and optimize resources.

“Mindy Support strives to succeed by delivering maximum client satisfaction and providing high-quality services for our clients as well as by fulfilling our employees and growing their potential. Our core values remain a community, security, excellence, and passion. I am sure this year will bring us both challenges to overcome and wins to celebrate.” – Evgenia Khimenko, General Manager of Mindy Support.


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