Mindy Support is Helping Companies Thrive Amid a Global Crisis

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Published date: 09.11.2020

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The past six months have been especially challenging for us and many of our clients as well. We all had to deal with an unprecedented level of uncertainty while continuing to move forward and honor our commitments to our clients and employees. I’m happy to say that by banding together we were not only able to weather the storm, but also improve our positioning on the BPO market while simplifying the lives of AI researchers, healthcare professionals, customer support agents, and their clients. With all of this in mind, let’s take a look at the contributions Mindy Support was able to make in the above-mentioned fields and the results we delivered for our clients.

1. Facilitating the Development of Next-Gen AI Technology

A recent IDC survey found that the adoption of AI is being driven by improved customer experiences, increased employee efficiency, and a faster pace of innovation. Having said this, we need to realize that the customer is not necessarily looking to purchase an AI product, per se, but rather a solution to a real problem. At the end of the day, the only thing that matters is that a certain task is completed on time and with accuracy. A great example of this is a project that we are currently working on that allows users to transfer hand-written notes from their notepads to their computer with a click of a button.

Basically, all the user would have to do is point their smartphone camera at their hand-written notes on a piece of paper. The system would then use optical character recognition (OCR) to identify all of the writing symbols, charts, drawings, etc. Then the user would simply point the camera at a blank document on their computer screen and all of the data would “magically” appear inside the Word document, Google Doc, or wherever the user would like this information to be stored. Imagine how much time such a product would save consumers since they no longer have to reproduce the information from scratch on their computers. We contributed to this project by providing the client with a qualified team of annotators to perform all of the image annotation, text transcription, and OCR work. Exciting! Let’s take a look at additional roles AI can play in our everyday lives such helping us stay safer on the road.

2. Using AI to Make Driving Safer

After driving for an extended period of time, an exhaustive day at work, lack of a good night’s sleep, and a variety of other reasons, drivers are in danger of, literally, falling asleep at the wheel. This is a huge problem as the data from the National Safety Council shows. In fact, according to their estimates, 100,000 police reports are filed which involve drowsy driving. This results in more than 71,000 injuries and 1,550 fatalities. One of our clients decided to make a difference and do something about this problem and we are proud to be a part of it. They are working on a classification system that can detect when a person closes their eyes and is about to doze off. If this happens, the system automatically sends some sort of an alert to wake up the driver.

As you can imagine, this presents certain difficulties since everybody has unique facial features and the system needs to be able to discern all of them. We assembled a data annotation team that provides landmark annotation to train the system to recognize human facial features and also video annotation to detect the eye movements of the drivers. Since the difference between blinking and the beginning stages of drowsiness may not be completely obvious, highly detailed annotation is required to fine-tune the system to correctly understand the situation.

3. Increasing the Accuracy of AI in Healthcare

The use of AI technology in healthcare is growing and it is increasing the quality of care. Preventive medicine continues to be improved and developed which allows doctors to determine a patient’s susceptibility to certain diseases and take certain preventive measures before any symptoms even appear. The volume of medical data also continues to expand and we know that the health and quality of life of the patients depends on how quickly doctors and researchers can analyze this data. This is where AI technology already plays a critical role and will continue to do so in the future.

We are currently helping one of our clients develop software that can detect cancerous tumors in various internal organs. This requires extensive 3D annotation of chest and pelvic CT scans by professional radiologists. For the client, it would not make sense to hire such professionals locally since it would be very expensive, not to mention all of the issues involved in searching for candidates who would be willing to do such time-consuming work. We were able to find and recruit experienced radiologists quickly to perform the needed data annotation since Ukraine has a wide talent pool of health professionals to choose from.

We are also working on projects where the required level of expertise is a little lower. For example, we recently assembled a team of medical interns, who are in their final year of study, to annotate microscopy videos and another team who are annotating various kinds of cells for an institution based in Switzerland. We are proud to be a part of such projects because we understand that this is where the future is headed. By contributing to the development of cutting edge healthcare technology, we are working on something that makes the world a better place and contributes to the overall good of society.

4. Assisting Customer Support Teams and Their Clients

A lot of companies have experienced significant drops in sales and revenues as a result of the COVID-19 crisis which causes them to implement a wide range of cost-cutting measures. Customer support is almost always one of the areas that are significantly reduced in an effort to save resources. However, Mindy Support is offering companies the opportunity to maintain the needed level of customer support agents at a fraction of the cost, allowing them to lower wait times, help more customers and improve the overall customer support experience. We are currently providing customer support services to a major European on-demand courier service, by helping answer customer inquiries via chat and resolving any issues before they arise.

5. We are Always Setting the Bar Higher for Data Annotation and BPO Services

One of the main reasons we were able to grow over the past six months is because we always strive to deliver the maximum value to our customers and we set the bar very high for all of the work that we do. When our clients give us a set of tasks that need to do, we make sure to get them done right the first time. We have a rigorous QA process in place to make sure there is no need to redo any of the work. Browse through our case studies to learn more about the results we were able to deliver and contact us today to become more efficient while lowering your overall costs.


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