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Published date: 28.01.2020

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When it comes to finding new clients, there’s a lot of buzz about webinars, telemarketing, SMM, email campaigns, and social media outreach. There are so many ways to generate leads, in fact, that the biggest question facing a small business isn’t “how can I generate leads,” but, “what is the most effective method of generating leads.”

So let’s get down to it. How can you determine the right way for your company to score new clients? By testing different lead generation strategies, tools, and methods, and comparing their results.

The scientific method is great, you’re thinking, but won’t trying all of these lead generation methods take up a lot of time and cost a ton of money?

That’s where we come in. Mindy Supports can help you to generate high-quality leads and save you time and money. Our team of virtual sales assistants, project managers, and digital marketing experts have years of experience in lead generation strategies and tools. Let us put their expertise to work for your company. Just to give you an idea of what we can do, here are some of tools and strategies we use for generating leads.

1. Social Media

With few exceptions, LinkedIn is still the most effective channel for businesses to generate leads. LinkedIn is a terrific tool for B2B owners who want to get their foot in the door with medium and large businesses. If you provide B2Bservices, we’ll help you to find leads via LinkedIn and convert them to customers. Every day we find thousands of leads for financial, media, legal, recruiting, and IT services companies. Our Social Media professionals turn Facebook and Twitter into leads generation tools by starting conversations with your target audience. If you decide to host a webinar, we’ll help you capture leads by creating and promoting a Facebook Event.

Using social media networks like LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter won’t just help you find new leads, but will also allow you to research leads you already have. We’ll help you stay informed on your potential clients’ company news and events.

2. AdWords

Google AdWords is an incredibly sophisticated tool for keeping track of how people search for services like yours, but using it correctly takes a lot of effort. It can take hours to test different keywords, or tailor the perfect-sounding headline to your TA’s taste. Why not let one of Mindy Supports’ Pay Per Click specialists step in and lend their expertise to your marketing efforts? Your Mindy Supports PPC assistant will help you generate leads and optimize your marking budget using tools like AdWords and Yandex Direct.

3. Email Marketing

72% Over 95% of US professionals send or receive personal emails via smartphone on a daily (if not hourly) basis . Our marketing assistants always ensure emails are easy to read and formatted for mobile readers. That means your emails get a higher open rate and more click thrus. Developing and Optimizing Content for Your Blog

Content is a great source of the web traffic, and a reliable source of new leads. You need to provide high-quality content that is both relevant to your target audience and entertaining. Mindy Supports’ marketing assistants will help you increase word of mouth about your company through relevant content, engagement and shares on Social Media.

4. Tapping into the power of Databases

Finding leads on may be boring , but it works. can give you a 25% increase in sales, in large part because it maintains a list of companies with accurate business information. You could deal with all this data by yourself, but why spend hours of your day doing that when you could have one of our sales assistants do it for you? Mindy Supports sales assistants not only find information about potential clients for you, but will also cross-check facts gleaned from on LinkedIn, Twitter, and other social media networks.

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