Evolution of the Modern Employee

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Published date: 09.07.2020

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The new remote work culture has fundamentally changed the way we do our jobs. Even companies who frowned upon working from home before the crisis are now more positively predisposed to it. After all, this is what allowed a lot of businesses to stay in business and weather the storm. However, this is part of an overall trend we have been observing about the evolution of modern employees to adapt to new business challenges. Let’s take a closer look at the way things are changing and compare them to what we saw in the past.

Modern employee

Work From Anywhere

While we may think that only the recent health crisis finally forced employers to see the light about working from home, the fact of the matter is that this trend has been growing over the past decade. In fact, the amount of people who work remotely at least once a week has grown by 400% since 2010.

Work from home

The graph above does a good job of showing how remote work has grown over the past couple of decades. This is great news for employers as well since a recent study found that employees who work from home are 13% more productive than their colleagues sitting in the office.

The output is Now the Priority

Another cultural shift we are observing is a shift towards a result-oriented working culture. Previously, employees who burnt the midnight oil and worked 60 hours or even more per week were rewarded simply for the effort they put in. Now the emphasis is placed on the results the person was able to achieve. This is a very much welcomed change because, after all, what’s the point in spending so much time in the office or even working overtime if you are not getting anything done. This is also one of the reasons why remote work has taken off because as long as people are achieving their results and getting the job done, it doesn’t matter where they are physically located.

Instead of Climbing the Corporate Ladder, People are Creating Their Own One

According to a recent study by Forbes, 91% of millennials plan to spend less than 3 years at their current job and the average worker nowadays spends 4.4 years. What these numbers are telling us is that people, especially the younger generation, are not willing to stick around and wait until they get promoted. They are getting out there and creating their own career path be it with lots of different companies. Let’s say that a recent college graduate gets its first entry-level job. They will look for advancement opportunities outside the company to get ahead faster.

There are many benefits to such job-hopping. It allows employees to find greater job fulfillment and try themselves out in a variety of different roles. Nowadays, we have a wide selection of jobs and career paths to choose from and if that’s the case, why not choose something you really enjoy?

Adaptive Learning is the New Norm

The old one-size-fits-all approach to learning and teaching has gone the way of the dinosaurs, especially given the rise of technology and its effects on education. Now education and workforce trainers are asking questions such as What does the learner ‘know’? What should the learner experience next? For example, let’s say that in order to perform their job efficiently, an employee must be able to use a particular tool. Instead of starting from the very beginning, the person’s previous knowledge will be considered and they will be guided through the next steps of taking their skills to the next level.

Mindy Support Stays Up to Date on the Latest Trends

At Mindy Support, we always try to find out what gives each team member a sense of fulfillment in the work they do. One of the reasons why we have a higher retention rate than a lot of the BPO companies out there is because we listen to our employees and give them opportunities to realize themselves with us. We put an emphasis on skill development and we are always pleased to see our employees strive to reach greater heights and we fully support them in this regard. They have the option to change departments where they can further hone their skills and a variety of career advancement opportunities such as becoming a team lead and other middle management positions. We have an employee development program that allows everybody we take on to fully realize their potential.


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