Can a Bad Internet Connection Cost You $3.8 Million?

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Published date: 21.05.2020

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Even before we were all forced to work from home, internet speed was an integral part of the overall efficiency of each individual employee and your business as a whole. Now that we are living in the remote work culture, a fast internet connection has become even more important since it connects everybody together and allows team members to access all of the documents and data they need. Most importantly, they will be able to do so securely since a fast internet circuit serves as added protection against cybercrime since the only way to gain access to the system is to literally cut the wires. With the average cost of a data breach hovering at $3.8 million, work with poor internet speeds is a risk you simply cannot take.

Ukraine has a 51.83 Mbps fixed broadband speed, which is ahead of other countries such as India (35.98), Philippines (23.80) and even Australia (43.40). Not only is it safer to outsource to Ukraine, but you will be able to enjoy many other benefits as well. Let’s take a closer look.


Improved Communication

Remote workers need to be able to collaborate with each other to meet business objectives but also just to stay on the same page and be up to date on what is going on inside the company and their department. Thanks to technologies like Zoom, Slack, and other tools, it has become a lot easier for team members to stay connected. If you have offshore employees, communicating with them is just as important since they are an extension of the team you have in-house.

However, we mentioned above that some of the most popular outsourcing destinations have subpar internet speeds, which will make it difficult to video conference with them and can cause delays in chat messages being sent. Imagine how frustrating it will be when you are trying to talk with someone on Zoom and the connection gets interrupted every couple of seconds simply because it cannot handle so much bandwidth. Therefore, make it easier on yourself and your team by choosing a service provider that has a fast internet connection.

Less Stress

We mentioned some of the frustrations that can be caused due to poor internet speeds, but this is a part of a much bigger problem. In fact, according to the World Health Organization, stress-related problems in the workplace cost US companies $300 billion every year. If employees have a faster connection, not only will they have a more comfortable work environment, but you will be able to save money as well. This will also reduce employee turnover rates and allow for even more cost savings as well.

Multi-User Support

When employees are working from home, a lot of times they are sharing the internet connection with their family members. The more people log on to the network, the slower the internet speed becomes. This is why it is important to have a strong connection, to begin with since you will be videoconferencing, accessing cloud storage, downloading documents, and other day-to-day tasks that require a fast connection. With higher broadband speeds, there is more bandwidth to go around thus allowing each user to enjoy a smooth internet experience.

Increased Productivity

We all become irritated when it takes a long time for a presentation or other document to load. Now think about all of the time you are losing as a result of having to wait several minutes to download something. All of the wasted time can add up into a significant portion of the workday simply being lost due to poor internet speed. This also prevents employees from managing their time efficiently because it is not possible to predict how much the slow connection will drag you down.

Mindy Support is Committed to Providing Fast Internet Speeds

Even though our team members are working from home, Mindy Support is committed to making sure they have access to the fastest internet available. This includes offering to reimburse every employee the cost of upgrading to a better connection. When everybody returns back to the office, they will continue to have the best internet connection possible since we understand how important this is for the proper implementation and actualization of a project.

Posted by Il’ya Dudkin


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