A Day in the Life of a Mindy Annotator

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Published date: 10.03.2020

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When Mindy Support’s data annotators first step foot into our offices, the entire concept of data annotation, speech recognition, machine learning, and other artificial intelligence concepts seem larger than life. However, only after a week or two of trainings, they are able to provide valuable input into the future of self-driving cars and other innovative AI-powered products. Even though our data annotators do their work behind the scenes, today we would like to shine the spotlight on them and show you what their day-to-day professional lives are all about.

Getting Started

From their very first day, our data annotators know the work ahead of them can become mundane as time goes one. However, with the right approach, they are able to use such calmness to their advantage, For example, some data annotators have a very active lifestyle outside the office so, for them, annotating thousands of images is a chance to relax. For others, it’s the opposite situation. If they are not satisfied with simply annotating images, they look to fulfill their leadership ambitions.

At Mindy Support, our data annotators can go as far as their hard work takes them. This is why they take advantage of this great opportunity to display certain leadership qualities such as helping others with annotation tasks, providing training and support to new team members, organizing team buildings and other initiatives. In general, they go to great lengths to create a positive office atmosphere. They understand that having a working environment where everybody feels comfortable is critical to providing top-quality annotations.

Data Annotation

Break Time

Even break time is very exciting for our data annotators. Everybody gets together for a game of ping-pong, air hockey, football or any other game of their choice. Those who just want to sit back and relax can grab a cup of coffee in the kitchen and discuss the latest activities going on inside the company. They also have an opportunity to attend English speaking clubs inside the office.

There are regular events held for our team members ranging from table games tournaments all the way to role-playing games and sports competitions as well such as the Mindy Teams Football Cup, bike rides, volunteer work and much more. All of the activities mentioned above help out team members unwind and with so much going on around them, they have no time to sit there and contemplate how monotonous the daily routine is. They rush back to their desks to finish their annotation tasks for the day.

Hard Work Pays Off

When our team members go above and beyond what is required of them, their hard work pays off, literally. Mindy Support offers monetary compensation for those who choose to work longer and consistently produce top-quality results. They have the opportunity to buy prizes by earning and collecting our corporate currency, Mindy Coins, which they can use to purchase an item from the Mindy Store. This is all in addition to the compensation-based structure.

While money is important to everybody, Mindy Support recognizes our rising stars and shines a spotlight on their hard work and dedication. Out top-notch performers earn the highly coveted Mindy Star award which is presented every month to a team member who displays leadership qualities and has outstanding results.

There’s Never a Dull Moment

With so many things going on every day and so many active team members, every moment of the working day is filled with excitement. Both Mindy Support’s management and team members go to great length to make sure that even the most monotonous tasks are made fun and exciting. This involves having a comfortable working environment and active participation in all of the activities that are going on every day. This is how we are able to provide outstanding results for our clients and help enhance the day-to-day lives of our team members at the same time.

Posted by Il’ya Dudkin


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