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Frequently Asked Questions

We strive to make our process to get started as simple and as streamlined as possible. However, we do occasionally get some questions about outsourcing in general and how things work. We endeavor to answer your questions below. Please reach out to us with any other questions about how we can create the perfect outsourcing team for you.

How do I get started with my own outsourced teams?2019-05-12T10:51:59+02:00

This process is very simple. Just send us an email or reach out to us by phone, or fill out our contact us form. For more information you can visit our How It Works page.

What is outsourcing?2018-11-06T01:00:08+02:00

In very simple terms outsourcing is just the assigning of tasks to a party or company outside of your own staff. It usually implies that these outside resources are more affordable than hiring your own staff and employees to perform these same tasks, and usually means they are located in a different geographical location than your business.

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Learn the quick and easy steps to starting your first outsourcing team.

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