3D Point Cloud

An unprecedented level of precision for accurately spotting and visualizing labeled objects and assigning them with the proper dimensions and label tracking.

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Detect objects with pin-point accuracy by visualizing them with 3D point cloud annotation and group them accordingly to get the dimension exactly right.


We provide you with the full spectrum of segmentation services for the 3D Point Cloud. This way you can spatially group points that have the same properties into similar regions.

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By using 2D imaging, we can easily identify objects in the Point Cloud. This includes identifying the object, the direction of the object with any atmospheric conditions of the image.

2D and 3D Annotation

Give your machine learning algorithms the power to learn spatial perception from 3D annotation and relative distance between one object and another with 2D annotation. This is the level of detail that can make or break a project, therefore requiring a high level of precision. Even if we have a small 3D Point Cloud and limited human intelligence, we can easily detect and annotate objects located far away from the laser or if they are obstructed by another object.

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