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Sales and Marketing Support Team Outsourcing

Sales and Marketing requires a lot of creativity and out of the box thinking, however it also requires a lot of data and analysis to drive those creative processes. Let us take on these processes for you to free up your mind for the more creative side of things.

Sales co-sourcing, cross-selling and up-selling, lead generation, drafting requests for information (RFIs), drafting business proposals, preparation of materials for sales meetings, cultural sales insight, lead Generation, outbound marketing teams, digital marketing teams, customer segmentation, competitive analysis, CRM management, product life cycle management, inquiry management, newsletters preparations, direct mail design pieces, and more.

Industry Specializations

Marketing, Retail, IT, Staffing, Consulting, and other industry specializations.

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Data Entry, Sales & Marketing, AI & Machine learning and other outsourcing service teams.

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Let’s Build Your Team

Tell us about your needs and we will build a dedicated team in Ukraine that fits you perfectly.

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