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Customer Support Services

The highest results in customer loyalty can be achieved through properly managed, qualified client support. Focus on developing your business instead of processing thousands of queries.

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Customer Care
Mindy Support is here for you 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to help you take care of your customers. This includes setting up a hotline your customer can call with urgent questions and get answers very quickly or handling the issue ticketing process in accordance with your internal policies. We can set up a full-fledge call center or telemarketing team regardless of the size and experience required.
Experienced multilingual remote teams
We recruit people specifically to meet your requirements which include a variety of job-specific skill sets, languages, technical ability as well as language skills. We ensure that staff is highly trained, so they meet your specific requirements. Combined with our state-of-the-art infrastructure, Data Protection Services and quality control processes, you can be guaranteed the highest-level of 24/7 support for your business.
Omnichannel support
We support your business via multiple channels that your prospects and customers can use. Regardless of the type of customer care, industry you are in or channels you need, we will provide you with a team who will take of all your customer care needs.
Inbound Customer Care
Serve customers faster and more effectively. We offer highly qualified and trained customer care representatives at a fraction of the cost of hiring similar candidates in your local market.
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Technical and Help Desk Support
While your IT department is busy resolving critical issues, we can help by providing basic help desk resolution and service desk delivery, thus taking this burden off your shoulders. If needed, we can offer you more in-depth technical assistance for your customers around the clock. We have the necessary specialists on staff to give expert product and service support even for the most complex and difficult issues.
Tier 1
This involves basic help desk resolution and service desk delivery to resolve simple technological issues your customers might be experiencing.
Tier 2
For more advanced issues, we offer more in depth technical support which may involve escalating problems to the necessary specialist or resolving such complex issues with our internal IT staff.
Tier 3
Our specialists will learn your product or service inside out to provide expert support. They will be able to assist customers with any problems involving usability and functionality.
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Customer Success Management
At Mindy Support, we combine sales, marketing, training and support functions into the customer success role, thus ensuring an increased level of customer satisfaction and retention. In addition, we can help grow your portfolio by updating customers about the promotions, discounts, benefits as well as by cross-selling and up-selling your products and services.
Customer Awareness
Our teams will notify your customers about any upcoming or existing promotions, discounts and benefits. This will also improve your marketing efforts since will help get the word out about any activities you might be planning.
Customer Satisfaction and Retention
The customer success team that we will offer you will receive training on how best to retain customers and how to keep them happy. They will use the holistic approach mentioned above to keep customer satisfaction and retention at a high level.
Portfolio Growth
Allowing us to take care of customer success will free up human and financial resources to expand your business into new markets and improve your portfolio.
Holistic Customer Success
Our specialists combine sales, marketing, training and support functions all in a single role allowing them to assist customers with virtually any issue.
Cross-selling and Upselling
We will assist your sales team by selling new products to existing customers and higher level products as well.
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Complaint Management
We understand how important it is to promptly resolve customer issues. This is why we offer the complete package of managing customer complaints starting with issues ticket creation and escalating it to the necessary department in accordance with your internal policies. We can also add any additional custom issues management stages to fit you individual needs.
We will create a ticket about the complaint and organize the entire process to your exact specification. We will also use the ticketing tools that you would like and tailor the process to fit your exact needs.
If the complaint is beyond the scope of responsibilities, we will escalate it to the necessary specialist. This way, customer issues will be matched to the best person to handle them.
Any additional complaint management steps or stages can be handled by our teams as well. We have extensive experience handling the most complex inquiries and process and we are confident that we can assist in resolving the issues your customers are experiencing.
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Our Customers Say

In our experience, Mindy Support offers a high return on investment. Many successful meetings with potential clients were won solely on the work they completed. On a personal note, it was a pleasure working with Tetiana and Evgenia, and certainly should we require their expertise in the future, Mindy Support will be the first business we speak to.

Kieran S., British Marketing Company

The two assistants we’ve had to date have been eager and quick learners, and both have provided very courteous and friendly communications. Based on our experience, I can recommend Mindy Supports to any business looking to expand their support avenues at a reasonable rate. They’ve been a worthwhile investment.

Chris B., US Audio Manufacturer

For over 7 years we tried and tried again to find good quality offshore partners to help us to build our business. And for 7 years we failed. That is, until we connected to Mindy Support in 2016. Our Assistant has been terrific and has weathered a topsy-turvy journey with us as we have kept moving her from new vertical to new vertical. I was amazed at how proficient all your video and voice technology was from the start. We never felt we really had to “monitor” Assistant’s work in any way. She was amazingly professional, responsible, and as a bonus, personable.

Kurt S., US Marketing Company

We are always sure that whatever task we assign, it would be completed with high accuracy and speed. Above that, the entire collaboration with every member of Mindy Support’s team is great. They are always here to help, suggest the best practice ideas and extend the delivery if needed. Their proactiveness and responsibility are extremely valuable for us, since they bring huge benefit to our company.

Rene Bolier, Onrecruit

We received an excellent return on our investment from their services including a notable increase in responses to our outbound marketing efforts. These responses resulted in sustained communication with ideal leads. I appreciate their contribution to our business, and would gladly recommend them to any company looking for a reliable sales and marketing partner with a personal touch.

Kristi T., US IT Company

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