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Real Estate

Outsourcing Industry Specialization

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Real Estate Industry Outsourcing

Real estate is always growing and booming business sector. Let us take away your tension of taking care of many real estates related routine tasks like organizing data generated from legal papers, managing reports, sales details, databases and many other real estate related documents.

We help these data to be processed properly in order to help you in your business processes via the following offerings:

  • Consolidating client details
  • Executing data entry processes that are aimed at systematizing the details of your customers.
  • Creation of new real estate database
  • Creating new property databases that comprise of the latest information of the industry like properties for sale, properties for rentals
  • We do specialized data entry

Our team comprises of expert operators who conduct specialized property related data entry tasks, such as entering information related to residential and commercial property sale or rentals, keying in sales history of properties, making property taxation and insurance related data entry and capturing data from the array of databases.

Industry Specializations

Marketing, Retail, IT, Staffing, Consulting, and other industry specializations.

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Data Entry, Sales & Marketing, AI & Machine learning and other outsourcing service teams.

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Tell us about your needs and we will build a dedicated team in Ukraine that fits you perfectly.

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