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Retail, Staffing, IT, and Others

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Outsourcing Industry Specializations

We understand that each industry has its own unique needs. We strive for our clients to succeed within their given niche, that is why when we are building a team for you, we make sure each member of your remote dedicated team wants to learn and grow within the industry your company operates in.

Man With Robot. IT And Services Industry Outsourcing Teams

Vehicle market players can benefit from choosing to outsource data annotation teams, customer care, and other teams to our company.

Automotive Industry
Man With Robot. IT And Services Industry Outsourcing Teams
Information Technologies

Machine learning and artificial intelligence services to train your bots. IT support staff, server admins,  and helpdesk teams.

Information Technologies
Girl With Boxes. Retail and ECommerce Industry Outsourcing Teams
Retail and E-Commerce

Optimize your order processing and management with our dedicated teams. Implement our customer care teams to handle support inquiries.

Retail & E-Commerce
Girl At Computer. Staffing And Recruiting Industry Outsourcing Teams
Staffing And Recruiting

Outsource your HR processes and focus on maintaining your office ecosystem. Recruiting and Staffing is our core competency.

Staffing & Recruiting
Girl At Marker Board. Marketing And Advertising Industry Outsourcing Teams
Marketing And Advertising

Lead generation, outbound marketing, GDPR compliant campaigns, email marketing, SMM, PPC, reputation management.

Marketing & Advertising
Girl With Phone Headset. Telecommunications Industry Outsourcing Teams

Technical support center, Email support, Live chat support, Market surveys, E-learning support, and much more.

Man At Computer. Insurance Industry Outsourcing Teams

Claims processing, application processing, claims severity analysis, cycle time analysis, insurance quotes, excessive claims detection.

Man Woman Talking Near Computer. Consulting Industry Outsourcing Teams

Revenue, commercial and market due diligence, synergy validation, maintainable earnings valuation, future cash flows prediction.

Girl At Computer. Finance Industry Outsourcing Teams

Fraud detection at the application level, fraud and risk management, appraisal data entry, benefit plan management, mortgage closing support.

Women at Computers. Healthcare Industry Outsourcing Teams

Medical billing processes, pharmacy billing services, healthcare claims adjudication, medical claims processing, and more.


How To Build Your Outsourcing Team

Getting started with your own outsourced business process team is as simple as can be. First step, reach out to us via email or phone and tell us about your current business process needs.

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Industry Specializations

Marketing, Retail, IT, Staffing, Consulting, and other industry specializations.

All Industries
Outsourcing Services

Data Entry, Sales & Marketing, AI & Machine learning and other outsourcing service teams.

All Services
Let’s Build Your Team

Tell us about your needs and we will build a dedicated team in Ukraine that fits you perfectly.

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