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Data Entry

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Data Entry Team Outsourcing

The modern age sees more and more information being collected, collated, and reported. This digital world we live in requires a lot of data to be entered for a variety of business processes. We also know there are still a lot of paper forms in the world of business that need to be captured and entered. We have skilled data entry staff that are accurate, fast, and efficient.

Image tagging and annotation, bounding box and annotation, semantic image annotation, human gesture annotation, online data entry involving foreign languages, online entry of image data, online entry of receipts and invoices, online order entry and follow-up, online entry involving customer support and shipping, online entry for legal documents and insurance claims, and the list goes on and on.

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Marketing, Retail, IT, Staffing, Consulting, and other industry specializations.

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Data Entry, Sales & Marketing, AI & Machine learning and other outsourcing service teams.

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