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Customer Success Management

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At Mindy Support, we combine sales, marketing, training and support functions into the customer success role, thus ensuring an increased level of customer satisfaction and retention. In addition, we can help grow your portfolio by updating customers about the promotions, discounts, benefits as well as by cross-selling and up-selling your products and services.

Holistic Customer Success

Our specialists combine sales, marketing, training and support functions all in a single role allowing them to assist customers with virtually any issue.

Satisfied Clients

Customer Satisfaction and Retention

The customer success team that we will offer you will receive training on how best to retain customers and how to keep them happy. They will use the holistic approach mentioned above to keep customer satisfaction and retention at a high level.

Portfolio Growth

Allowing us to take care of customer success will free up human and financial resources to expand your business into new markets and improve your portfolio.

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Customer Awareness

Our teams will notify your customers about any upcoming or existing promotions, discounts and benefits. This will also improve your marketing efforts since will help get the word out about any activities you might be planning.

Cross-selling and Upselling

We will assist your sales team by selling new products to existing customers and higher level products as well.

What Make Choose Us

2000 people in 6 offices within Ukraine


ISO 9001:2015 certification

Let’s Build Me A Team

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