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Data Annotation Teams

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Outsourced Data Annotation Teams

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning have opened the door to whole new ways of doing business. However, training these algorithms requires a lot of detailed and accurate data – and that data needs to be entered. We have teams that are experienced in data entry for AI and ML applications and can get started quickly.

What we can do for your business

  • Data annotation and training for machine learning

    • Image processing 
    • Text  
    • Video 
    • 3D point clouds processing
  • Multilingual chatbot training

  • Voice recognition

Why should you outsource data processing services to us?

  • Fast ramp-up of remote teams with the required skills and experience

  • Internal multi-level quality control and assurance system (ISO 9001:2015 certification)

  • 100% secure processes (ISO 27001:2013 certification)

  • Cost-effective data annotation

  • Dedicated management teams and effective organizational structure

  • Motivational schemes and retention support to keep your teams happy

Case Study: Building and Managing a Team of 1000 +
Data Processing Specialists In 1 Year

Client Profile

Industry: Machine Learning
Location: International with HQ in the US
Size: 10 000 + employees

Company Bio

High-tech B2B company with offices all around the world. Their products are based on ML algorithms that have to be trained and validated manually.

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Any type of Machine Learning uses enormous datasets so it is almost impossible to answer the question “how much data is actually enough?” In order to get high-quality training data, thousands of hands and minds should be involved in the process. Mindy Support is a team of more than 2000 specialists in data processing, ie: image processing, text processing, video processing, multilingual chatbot training, and a lot more. Our Quality Management Team guarantees top-accuracy in order to let our clients launch great AI-driven innovative products.

Working with Mindy is great! We have been expanding our team on a monthly basis, yet it never affected the quality of the results.

– Happy Customer
Product Manager





Deadlines met



Our client owned an extensive amount of data that had to be processed on a tight deadline with no compromise on quality. In order to be able to process all the data, we faced the challenge to assemble a big team of annotators in a timely manner; build a wide quality assurance structure with lots of guidelines; develop a Training and motivational scheme that work and repeat all this with more than 15 different kinds of projects. Such projects include different types of work as annotations of different objects, areas and labeling, adding key points and choosing destinations.


The Solution

Our goal was to set up all the recruiting, management, quality control and motivation processes from scratch in order to build a team that can effectively process and deliver necessary data on a timely manner.

Rapid Recruitment

  • Developing monthly Growth plan with the annual target of 1000 Agents

  • Building dedicated Recruiting & HR Team of professionals

  • Creating a unique Recruitment Funnel

  • Developing and implementing staff motivation and promotional campaigns

Unique quality system

  • Implementing quality control system based on constant monitoring and verifications

  • Accumulating useful training materials and creating e-learning training platform for staff

  • Creating practical manual on cases and inaccuracies for quality improvement and training purposes
  • Systematic feedback to the client

Effective management

  • Building and implementing organizational structure for the project

  • Opening offices across Ukraine to speed up recruiting process

  • Setting up Quality and Training&Development Departments to keep high-level quality and production

KPI and Motivation Systems

  • Developing and implementing KPI system based on quality and productivity

  • Creating rating system and promotion model for middle management

  • Implementing gamification system for agents which includes achievement challenges and corporate currency

It was definitely a challenge for us, but that what made it so exciting! A team of 1000 + in 1 year! We lived up to our motto – We Get Things Done.

– Anastasiia Remyzovska
Quality Manager


Mindy Support fully respects all rights of data subjects under the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) (EU) 2016/679.
According to Article 28 of the GDPR, the relationship between the controller and the processor is regulated by the Data Processing Agreement, which we put in place with each Client


  • Fulfilled growth plan – 1000+ employees within 1 year;
  • High quality results – client’s KPI – all fulfilled at 98%;
  • Deadlines are met – 100%

Having a team of more than 1000 employees in 6 offices across Ukraine, we continue to grow and develop the team of annotators for our customer.

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